Wednesday, June 26, 2013

#BookReview--> Pure Indulgence By Janelle Denison

There are some books which you just love and can read any number of times; well Pure Indulgence is one of them

#BookReview--> Miss Marple #13- Sleeping Murder By Agatha Christie

There are some Authors whose books you read and think "How did they think of that?"  

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

#BookReview--> Fortune’s Children: The Brides Book 1- The Honor-Bound Groom By Jennifer Greene

The book, The Honor Bound Groom,  is 1998 published book by Jennifer Greene is the first book in the Fortune’s Children: The Brides series and introduces us to Mac and Kelly.

Kelly Sinclair had loved Chad Fortune, playboy younger brother of the CEO of Fortune Industries Mac Fortune, and in her blind passion ended up pregnant while Chad skipped town leaving her behind to deal with the situation alone. After an attack on her, Mac Fortune, the big brother steps in to marry her and in turn give the baby the Fortune name and protection.

Kelly who is not in love with Mac is faced with the dilemma whether she should marry him or not but seeing the option as best for her child agrees. For Kelly and Mac, the marriage is like a business deal and love is not part of it until they get to the altar and the deal is sealed with a head spinning kiss.

Can they turn this honorable act into a love filled commitment for life? Can Kelly be the one woman who can melt Mac’s serious persona and bring love to his life?

I can’t say that Jennifer Greene has ever given a bad book and that is proved by her legion of fans. Here also she delves deep into the matters of love and brings to us this joyful story which is heartwarming and serves as an example of true love got in unfavorable circumstances.

I loved just about everything in the book!! :)

The hero Mac, who is ever serious but very caring and dedicated to his family, always present to solve all their problems, he is one man to whom honor means everything. He marries Kelly to protect her and her child but eventually falls in love with her. His greatest fear that Kelly will stop loving him when Chad returns and his insecurity is very well portrayed in the story. His protectiveness towards Kelly and his secret longing for Kelly’s love endears him to us while making us feel sorry for him and hoping that everything ends well.

Kelly is shown as one talkative girl who is vivacious and very caring in nature. She notices Mac’s loneliness and the fact that he keeps everyone’s needs ahead of his own. The small –small things that she does like hugging him, making him laugh and baking for him just makes us love her. She is one person who sees the best in every situation and the care that Kelly and Mac display for each other is both enriching and sweet.
Their vulnerability and eventually their love for each other prove that whatever be the situation true love can come your way anytime. The baby brings more flavor to the story and Greene develops her characters beautifully.

The meeting of Chad and Kelly is very expertly described and the hopelessness Mac feels on hearing of the meeting , thinking he has lost Kelly, is legendary.

All in all a keeper and I give The Honor Bound Groom super shiny 5 stars for its beautiful story, sweet characters, memorable scenes and the happily ever after that leaves you feeling thrilled long after you have finished reading the book. :)

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Monday, June 24, 2013

#BookReview--> The Young Adventurers series Book 3- The Riddle of the Rajah’s Ruby By Enid Blyton

The third book in the Young Adventurers Series, The Riddle of the Rajah's Ruby, is filled with as much fun, mystery  and adventure as its predecessors. We have already met the brother –sister pair of Nick and Katie who this time have found an adventure with their friends the brother –sister twin pair of David and Sophie.

#BookReview--> Where Has My Ceiling Gone? By Warren Veenman & Sally Eichhorst

Where Has My Ceiling Gone? Is built around a fable that reveals how one man discovered the secrets to success- secrets which moved him from rags to riches. The book works as a guide to achieving all our dreams.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

#BookReview--> Cinderella in Cleats By Carly Syms

Cinderella in Cleats was self-published in 2010 by Carly Syms and is available in Kindle format.
The story is about Whitney who has a passion for football and it has been like a ritual to her to play football with her father,

Monday, June 17, 2013

#BookReview--> The Young Adventurers seriesBook 1- The Riddle of Holiday House By Enid Blyton

The very first book in the Riddle series which was first published in Britain under the title Holiday House in 1955. It was altered and updated to become part of the Riddle Series in 1997 by Enid Blyton’s daughter, Gillian Baverstock.

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