Monday, April 7, 2014

The Liebster Award!

Njkinny's World of Books got nominated for the Liebster Award the fifth time! :)
This time I am nominated by Ipshita from Gateway to a different world. A great award that recognizes and encourages new blogs, it is an honor I am happy to accept. :)

  • List 11 facts about yourself
  • Answer the 11 questions asked by whoever nominated you
  • Ask 11 new questions to 7 bloggers with less than 200 followers. You cannot re-nominate the blog that nominated you
  • Go to their blog and tell them they have been nominated!

11 facts about me:
  1. I do not like to watch WWE.
  2. I am not a fan of science fiction.
  3. I am afraid of cats and ferocious looking dogs. :P
  4. I dream of visiting Switzerland and Frankfurt one day and relive the places like Heidi! :)
  5. I love to visit new places but am a lousy traveller.
  6. I am lazy.
  7. I love to hoard books.
  8. I love to research the history of a place I am visiting and grab any its and bits of mystery related to it.
  9. I am a voracious reader.
  10. I am inquisitive by nature and eager to learn new things.
  11. I love the colors yellow and orange.
Questions for Me:
1. What  are your interests apart from Reading?
 I love to watch movies and TV series preferably with a mystery element in them.

2. Are you a morning or night person?
I am flexible.

3. The series with whom you share a love and hate relationship?
None. I either like a series or I don't like it. 

4. Your favorite book boyfriend?
None. I haven't as yet liked any character that much. I like a character in a book and then it gets replaced by another in some other book. :)

5. Batman or Superman?

6. Young Adult or New Adult?
New Adult

7. How did you start Blogging?
I started blogging as a way to cope with the stress in my life and also meet similar minded people with whom I could share my views on the books that I was reading.

8. Your worst nightmare?
There are many.

9. What's your favorite genre?

10. Do you prefer desserts or spicy food
Spicy food.

11. Sweet and Diplomatic Reviews or Snarky and Straightforward Reviews?
Snarky and Straightforward reviews.

My Nominees:
Karen from Future Expat
Lady Blogger from Lady Blogger
Lorraine from Lorraine Reguly's Life
Livvvy75 from bookcomet
Jannat Bhat from The Book Addict
Lacie from Rainy Dayz Reviewz
Dabin from So Many Books, So Little Time

My Questions for My Nominees:
1. When and Why did you start blogging?
2. Who, what, and/or where does your blogging inspiration come from?
3. What does you family think about your blogging?
4. What time of day do you write the best content for your blog?
5. What is your favorite quote?
6. If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?
7. What makes you laugh out loud?
8. If you were the main character in a movie, which actress/actor would you want to play your role?
9. Who is your favorite Disney character?
10.How did you come up with your blog's name?

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