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Services provided by Njkinny's World of Books & Tour as a blogger and my policies connected with those services

  • 1. Book Reviews:-
1) I favor all kinds of books except BDSM/Bondage, Erotica, M/M, Gay, lesbian, controversial topic based books.
2) I take both eCopy and hard-copy of the books but I prefer hard-copy if its possible to send otherwise eCopy is fine. :)
3) I always try to review the books sent to me as early as possible but if you have a time frame do let me know and I'll definitely try my level best to give my honest opinion on the book in that time frame.
4) The reviews and views I express about the books are solely mine and absolutely honest.
5) If I receive a free copy of a book from a author/publisher then I mention that I received a free copy for review in my official review post on my blog.
6) To send me your books for reviewing mail me at nj_kinny@yahoo.co.in only!
7) If you wish to send me a hard-copy of the book mail me on the above mail and I'll provide you my address.

In your email, please include: 
1) Give the mail the title "Book Review"
2) Title and author of the book you would like me to review
3) A small teaser about your book.  Think the blurb on the back of a book.  PS: Don't give away the ending.
4) An excerpt from your book, no longer than a chapter.
5) Any links you think I might find helpful
6) Let me know if you would be open to a giveaway.  Your response will not affect my response or review.
7) Is your book part of a series and if so, are the books interconnected?
8) Is there a HEA?
9) How long is the book?
Somethings you need to know:
1) Once you give a book to me to review, you also give me permission to give it away in a giveaway of my choice. I cant be held responsible on this account except if it is an ARC then I never share and giveaway the copies.
2) I DO NOT review books in the order I receive them. So if you have a time frame in mind do let me know else I read according to my mood and interest.
8) Also I reserve the right to decline a review request based on my schedule at the time.

***I do not charge money for reviews. My reviews are my unbiased and honest opinions.

Note to Authors: I read every request I get and if I don't reply to you then it is not because of any disinterest. I am currently swamped with requests and not accepting any new requests until further notice. I hope you understand and support me in helping you reach more and more readers. 

To send me your books for reviewing mail me at nj_kinny@yahoo.co.in only!

If you are a reader and want to recommend a book to me then feel free to do so on my FB page.

Reviews PublishedTop 1% of Reviewers on Goodreads

***Among the Top Reviewers on Amazon.com (in Top 10k), Amazon.in (in Top500)

  • 2. Product Reviews:-
I accept products based in India or ones that can be shipped here for review ranging from tech to beauty products. If you wish to have a product reviewed by me then drop me a mail at nj_kinny@yahoo.co.in with the title "Product Review"

  • 3. Sponsored Posts and/or Guest Posts

As per my policy, I follow the below steps when taking sponsored posts/ sponsored guest posts

  • Take payment beforehand;
  • approve the headline (if writing the post myself);
  • blog post written;
  • changes made if requested by client;
  • final copy approved;
  • blog post scheduled;
  • blog post published.
  • Shared on all my social media.
Steps followed by me for sponsored Guest Posts:
  • Take payment beforehand;
  • approve the post (it should conform to the basic family friendly theme of my blog).
  • Changes made if any required.
  • final copy approved;
  • blog post scheduled;
  • blog post published.
  • Shared on all my social media.
Contact me for sponsored posts and/or Guest Posts at nj_kinny@yahoo.co.in. Give your mail the title "Sponsored Post" or "Guest Post" as required and we can talk further.
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***Among the Top Reviewers on Amazon.com (in Top 10k), Amazon.in (in Top500)

PS: Please DO NOT add my email to your mailing list without asking my permission beforehand. 

Much love...


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