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#BookReview--> Haunting Melody By Mackenzie Reed

Haunting Melodyis the first book by Mackenzie Reed and she has done a great job with it. When I first heard about this book I was very skeptical because here too the cliched vampire concept was there. But at the request of my friend I decided to read it and God am I grateful for that!!

The book is a treat and the characters are very real like. All along I felt like I could connect with the characters.

A lonely man Joshua has been searching for his one true mate for centuries and to sustain feeds on the sexual emotions of people who come to listen to him play the piano in a club in Chattanooga.

Devra is happily single and a popular investigative journalist who has been burnt once in marriage and is now content to be single with space only for short affairs in her life. She is intrigued and deeply moved after hearing the Joshua’s music tape handed to her by her friend. What should simply be good music leaves Debra feeling countless emotions and craving company of a man like she has never experienced before.
The reporter in her wants to discover the secret about Joshua and so begins a story which is sure to keep you bound till the end.

The book adopts a new view of vampires and I didn't feel anywhere like I was reading something unreal. The author is able to create a fiery chemistry between Joshua and Devra. The romantic in me thoroughly enjoyed it and was able to “ooh” and “ah” every now and then.

I give Haunting Melody3.75 out of 5 and it’s a must read for everyone simply because of a new vampire perspective , a refreshingly different story that is very well written and above all a love portrayal that is unconventional yet is sure to burn you with desire.

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