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#BookReview--> Cinderella in Cleats By Carly Syms

Cinderella in Cleats was self-published in 2010 by Carly Syms and is available in Kindle format.
The story is about Whitney who has a passion for football and it has been like a ritual to her to play football with her father,
her boyfriend Jason and his father but then one day her father has a sudden heart attack and dies on the field. Suddenly the perfect life that Whitney knows changes what with her father dying, Jason abandoning and completely ignoring her which makes her let go of football because it brings back too many bad memories for her. Two years go by and Whitney decides to move forward and try out for the state championship football team at her high school. But can she overcome the bad memories that she associates with football? Can she face Jason again who now plays in the team?

The rest of the story follows and she clears through but is not taken in the team as she is a girl which prompts her to change schools and try in the rival team.

Though I love books with daring heroines but still I was not impressed with Whitney. Somewhere in the middle of the book I felt like slapping her , she was so irritating. Gurrr :(

The story baseline was very strong but Carly could neither develop the story nor the characters. All through the book, we are introduced to some character or the other with a history but instead of telling us completely about them she just skips to some other character which resulted in me getting frustrated and uninterested. Whitney is initially shown as a girl with a backbone but then as the chapters progress she is deteriorated to a senseless teen girl with no sense and her instantaneous love with any boy within ten meters of her was infuriating. Gurr :(

The book can be summed as one with an unimpressive cover, underdeveloped plot and characters and sequences so uninteresting and predictable that I skimmed more than half the book though the story had a promising start.

I don’t like writing bad about a book because it takes effort writing one but in this case I have to say that if you get the book from someone, you might attempt a read but I certainly won’t recommend it.
All in all, Cinderella in Cleats, is a book which you can skip reading. 

I give Cinderella in Cleatsa 2.5 out of 5 just because there is no fault in the writing style of Carly and the story which, had it been written better could have become a very promising read.

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