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#BookReview--> Pure Indulgence By Janelle Denison

There are some books which you just love and can read any number of times; well Pure Indulgence is one of them
partly because it’s very well written and partly because I can identify myself with the heroine Kayla who is always conscious of her extra weight. This book by Janelle Denison revolves around Kayla Thomas, who runs a successful bakery and loves to experiment on new desserts and Jack Tremaine, who is the owner of a prominent restaurant.

They meet at a business function and sparks fly. Soon it’s a romantic, more than a business relationship between them. Kayla has come up with a new type of aphrodisiac candies that she can’t resist trying on Jack. As she begins to fall for him, there are doubts in her mind if the passion Jack feels for her is genuine or just an effect of the aphrodisiac chocolates.

The fiery passion between Kayla and Jack gives us many ‘Ooh’ and ‘Aah’ moments. I simply loved Jack who is both responsible and totally in love with Kayla. He is such a character who represents the perfect man every woman dreams of having. Kayla is a loving sister and a passionate woman who though shunned by his boyfriend because of her extra weight still dreams of finding love and when she, meets and falls for Jack, is troubled with doubts about their relationship.

Janelle deals sensitively with Kayla’s weight and esteem issues while she gives to us a story that is memorable, humorous and extremely sensual.
She proves that in matters of love physical appearance, all that extra weight plays no part. It’s the heart that wins all and no aphrodisiac chocolates are required!

My rating... 5 on 5. So buy Pure Indulgence, read and enjoy. :)

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