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#BookReview--> The Young Adventurers series Book 3- The Riddle of the Rajah’s Ruby By Enid Blyton

The third book in the Young Adventurers Series, The Riddle of the Rajah's Ruby, is filled with as much fun, mystery  and adventure as its predecessors. We have already met the brother –sister pair of Nick and Katie who this time have found an adventure with their friends the brother –sister twin pair of David and Sophie.

David and Sophie are orphans who have only a great- aunt as relative. The death of their great aunt leaves the twins very rich with the mysterious cursed Ruby as part of their inheritance. The ruby is said to bring bad luck to its owner and soon it seems like bad luck has come to the twins as well when they disappear with very little known as to their destination. Now it’s up to Nick and Katie to find them and also make some very strange discoveries.

The book is expertly written with vivid descriptions of the places and events which instantly form a picture in our mind. Nick and Katie are as daring and as loyal as always, risking their lives to find their friends. The twins, David and Sophie are mischief makers and together they prove a handful to anyone who dares come in their way.

The book is a classic Enid Blyton adventure with the excitement of camping, boating, swimming, solving mysteries, covert adventures, exploring unknown places and in the end foiling the ill devised plans of the villains.

I give The Riddle of the Rajah's Rubya 4.5 out of 5 and though it’s not so famous as “The Famous Five” or “The Secret Seven” yet it’s equally memorable and a fun read.

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