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#BookReview--> Where Has My Ceiling Gone? By Warren Veenman & Sally Eichhorst

Where Has My Ceiling Gone? Is built around a fable that reveals how one man discovered the secrets to success- secrets which moved him from rags to riches. The book works as a guide to achieving all our dreams.

I was on the hunt for an entertaining book since I was feeling very bored and down with practically everything in my life- be it my job which is uninspiring and seems a big load to me or be it my life which is uneventful with the same routine day after day. With all these negative feelings one day I went to my office library in hopes of reading some good fiction but after one glance at my long face the librarian gave me this book instead and after reading it I am so very thankful to him.

It often happens with us when we look back on our life and think "what if I had done that.." or "If only it had happened that way.." and so on. All these questions make us regret our actions of the past. This book teaches us to let go of the "ifs" of the past and pledge to make the most of the present. It motivates us to go out there and just do what we only think of but never really get about to do.

As Janine Williams says,If you only read one motivational book in your lifetime, read this one ! This is the most inspiring and life- changing book I have ever read.” I totally agree with her.

This book takes us on an amazing journey where we meet Chuck who makes everything possible only through his die hard passion and determination. We are introduced to 9 life skills which are essential in achieving all our dreams in life. The questions that haunt us are answered like it says in the beginning of the book.

“Is this it?
Is this as good as my life will ever get?”
No! I don’t think so, there’s more I’ll bet.
There’s always more for those who are willing to see beyond their ceiling and door.
Raise your ceiling or remove it altogether and you will see that your life can be everything you ever dreamed it should be.

I was mesmerized from the first page and couldn't keep down the book until I had completed it. The quotes, stories, examples all are simple ; we all notice them each day but still don’t understand the moral from them. But this book analyses all events to bring to our notice all the meanings, morals from the everyday events which in general we ignore. From the smallest to smallest life habit to the biggest to biggest events are dissected and explained. Somewhere in the pages everyone will find his/ her story reflected and will find the map to reach the destination which so far has been elusive and seemed impossible.

Such is the power that courses through you when you read Where Has My Ceiling Gone?that everything feels possible and the feeling stays with you long after you have read the book,  leaving you enlightened, strong in your endeavors to fulfill your dreams.

If you have not read it, I most highly recommend buying the book and reading it. This is one book which can be read hundreds of times and will provide solutions each time you face a hurdle in your life.

I give Where Has My Ceiling Gone?a 5 on 5 for its simple yet powerful writing, everyday examples, a story that touches and inspires us to reach the stars and most importantly the 9 life skills which are common yet unknown to us.


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