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#BookReview--> Hercule Poirot #37- Elephants Can Remember By Agatha Christie

I can’t say that I have not loved any of Agatha Christie’s books and Elephants Can Remember is no exception.
A very bossy woman, Mrs Bourtan-Cox confronts Mrs Ariadne Oliver, a famous detective fiction novelist, at a literary event and asks her the mysterious question

‘Did her mother kill her father or was it the father who killed the mother?’

The question is in retrospect of two deaths that occurred fifteen years ago of General and Lady Ravenscroft. Both shot dead but were they murdered? Who killed who? Was it a suicide pact? A crime of passion?  Or A cold blooded murder?

The police had left an open verdict and now Mrs Oliver decides to take the help of her friend, Hercule Poirot and solve this cold case. The case is old and the trail has gone cold with no witnesses apparent but as they delve into the past they discover that 'Old sins leave long shadows' and that people like elephants, can remember!
Every time I read an Agatha Christie novel I am wowed and each time I feel like asking her 'How did you think about this?'

The mysteries that she thinks of and executes in her books are fantastic and work of genius. In this book also, Christie displays an in depth knowledge of human nature and delivers a mystery which is unique, baffling and which leaves a haunting effect on us.

This book, Elephants Can Remember, one of the last written by Agatha Christie is as sharp and captivating as its predecessors. Mrs Ariadne Oliver’s character seems close to Christie and it seems like she is baring herself to her readers through this character. Poirot is showcased in a supporting role as compared to Ariadne Oliver which is interesting to note given his habit of self -importance and his pride. The story is sad and Christie challenges the reader to solve it by not having many people to pin the murders on. But still one is unable to clear the mist of the mystery till the end!

I give this a full 5 on 5 for being splendidly written, the challenge of not having many suspects, a twisted crime that leaves us both sad and amazed at the levels of complexity of human nature and a story where there is love, sacrifice, caring, jealousy, execution, hopelessness, sadness, unhappiness, mysteries and finally truth and peace.

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