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#BookReview--> Fugitive Bride By Miranda Lee

Fugitive Brideby Miranda Lee revolves around Leah , an innocent and naive girl who marries Gerard Woodward, who is everything a woman dreams of - powerful, wealthy and handsome.
Theirs is a perfect marriage with Gerard showering her with gifts and every material facilities available while Leah is the loyal and loving young wife. All seems fair and beautiful until one evening Leah hears her husband's views on marriage and love.

Devastated and feeling cheated, she decides to run far far away from her husband. Gerard, who is overconfident of his seducing skills is shocked when Leah leaves.
Six months later the Fugitive Bridecomes face to face with her husband but surprisingly things are not as simple as they seem...

Can she face the man who cheated her into a false marriage feigning love to her and from whom she is running? 
Can she overcome his influence and tell him that she knows everything?

Miranda Lee creates a unique story with passionate sequences, fiery conflicts and sultry scenes.
I simply loved the story and the passion between Leah and Gerard sears you with its intensity. The love and betrayal felt by Leah is stunningly portrayed by Miranda who makes the reader one with the heroine's plight.
A must read with some pretty unexpected twists. I give Fugitive Bridea 4.2 out of 5. :)


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