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#BookReview--> Moriah's Landing #3- Scarlet Vows by Dani Sinclair

Brianna Dudley is a young waitress in a diner while Andrew Pierce is the older son of the most prominent family in the town of Moriah's Landing. They seem to have no connection since Brianna or Brie is poor while Andrew is exceedingly rich. Where Brie is a waitress, Andrew is running for Mayor. Where Brie comes from the wrong side of the town, Andrew's family lives in lavish surroundings with everything that money can buy. In spite of all these apparent differences in their worlds, they both share a history and a secret that Brie is determined to keep for it can ruin Andrew's future.

Years ago they shared one night of passion and though for Andrew it was just some fling, it changed Brie's life forever. Now that Andrew is back in town and running for Mayor, she has to work even harder to keep her secret and protect her family.

Andrew had buried Brie's memory somewhere in the depths of his mind but when he sees her again he is stunned by the intensity of emotions he feels towards her. Everything comes back with a vengeance, his longing for the one woman he truly loved and one who got away is so strong that he is unable to deny the attraction he had first felt for her five years ago and when he comes to know that Brie has a daughter named Nicole, who when he sees her for the first time is surprised to see his own eyes staring back at him !

He is determined to never let Brie and Nicole get away again. They marry but are their marriage vows OF LOVE or is it just a marriage of CONVENIENCE?

Brie has loved Drew for like forever and she always dreamt of a marriage based on love with Drew but not this formality that she feels she is getting.

While Brie and drew have to solve the mysteries of their heart and realize their true feelings for each other so that they can build a future for their daughter together, the wife of the well-known research doctor and gene therapy expert, Leland Manning is killed and rumors about "who killed her" start to fly.

Brie turns to Manning as the last attempt at saving her mother's life who is suffering from inoperable cancer and even agrees to let him take her blood sample for his study on witches since apparently Brie comes from a prominent line of witches. But then Brie is attacked and Nicole taken and it becomes clear that they have become the next target of the killer. 
Its up to Andrew and Brie now to let go of their differences and save their child before its too late while solving the mystery of her disappearance.

Who has taken Nicole?
Who is the killer and why is he after Nicole?
Is the murder and disappearance related to the murders from twenty years before?
Can Drew and Brie save their daughter in time?
What is the role of the mysterious Dr. Leland Manning in all of this?
Are all these events related to the secret society of scientists who want Brie and Nicole for their twisted lab experiments? 
Will Drew and Brie admit their love before it is too late?

The third book in the Moriah's Landing series, Scarlet Vowsis another treat to read. This is the story of Brie who is always looking out for others more than herself. She had once loved a man and got burned in the process. Now she has decided never to let any man again in her heart. Her life revolves around her young daughter, Nicole, and her ailing mother. 

Drew is the prodigal son returned and is expected to follow in the footsteps of his father and become the mayor. He seems reserved at first but his true nature is revealed when he first sees Brie in the diner and when he comes to know about his daughter. He is adoring, responsible and a man who can charm anyone. A pillar of the society, he charms the readers and makes one fall in love with him. Brie is fiercely independent and has a hard time accepting help from anyone specially from Drew, who is running for Mayor and who she feels can be adversely affected if involved in her situation

Dr. Leland Manning is a mysterious and a dark character, who it seems sometimes can read even your most intimate thoughts, is a suitable personality for encouraging all the wild stories about the illegal and secret experiments he is doing in his secluded lab, giving the reader the creeps.

The book, Scarlet Vowsis an engrossing read where the reader turns pages quickly in his excitement to know the answer to the mystery. The author has given the story the appropriate dark and mysterious setting required for the story to progress and is successful in efficiently providing the next piece in the puzzle via this book. It doesn't seem like the book is written by a different author, such is the skill with which Dani Sinclair picks up her story in the already running chain of events and gives a story which is expertly thought, linked and executed.

I had already met Brie in the previous books and it was interesting to read her own story. I give Scarlet Vows a 4.5 out of 5 and recommend its entry in the "must-read" list of books.

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