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#BookReview--> Moriah's Landing #4 : Behind the Veil by Joanna Wayne

Becca Smith is new to the town of Moriah's Landing but she feels that she has a connection to the place and its this connection that has drawn her here. Becca has some secrets of her own,
the main being that she has no memory of her life shortly up to arriving in town and thus feels that the place is perfect to start a new life where secrets, myths and legends are in abundance.

A seamstress by occupation, she has been fascinated by The Bluffs and by Dr. David Bryson. The Bluffs is a dark castle like structure on the hill which is the home of the mysterious and hideously scarred Dr. David Bryson.

David was hideously scarred in an explosion in which he lost his fiancee and the love of his life, Tasha Pierce and has ever since become a recluse, only venturing out in the dark. Some people believe that he killed Tasha and almost everyone in town believes that he is mad.

Becca was fascinated by The Bluffs and by David Bryson ever since she came to town and when David offers her a redecorating assignment for his home, she cannot help accepting. In spite of warnings from everyone, she accepts and agrees to visit the Bluffs and David, in the hope of coming to know him better.
Soon Becca becomes convinced that David, the dark and moody stranger who haunts her dreams,  is not what the townspeople think and so is even more attracted towards him.

David was mesmerized by Becca ever since the first time he saw her and contrary to his better judgement he asks her to visit his home and eventually proposes that she stay there during the tenure of her work. He is torn between the attraction he feels towards Becca and the loyalty he feels towards his dead fiancee, Tasha. 

Meanwhile young women are getting targeted by a mysterious murderer and the townspeople fear its the same killer from twenty years ago!
When Becca is attacked and it appears like she is the next target of the vicious killer, David is determined to do everything in his power to save her! 
At the same time, Claire Cavendish, the one victim who escaped the killer five years ago but lost her mind in the process, starts to remember thereby making her a target too!

Can David save Becca and Claire before its too late?
Can he accept his love for Becca and let go of the past?

Behind The Veilis my favorite out of the four book series. Joanna Wayne does a splendid job of wrapping up the various story lines and giving them a closure without any loop holes! The intensity of the attraction between Becca and David is searing and reminds us of the Beauty and the Beast. The supposed Beast, David is obsessed with the Beauty, Becca but at the same time feels like he is betraying the memory of his dead fiancee Tasha by feeling such things about another woman. He, who had never hoped to ever feel loved and to love another one is still unable to let go of his past and accept Becca fully.

Becca feels that no matter how much she loves David, for him Tasha will always come first and believes that though he is attracted towards her, he feels the loss of Tasha and somehow blames himself for her death.

I was specially touched by the courage and strength of character that Claire shows in the book. She is determined to clear the cobwebs of her recessed memory and once and for all catch the person responsible for her condition and for all the deaths. Her dreams are horrifying and give chills even during daytime!

The solution that Joanna Wayne provides for these problems is startling and pleasantly surprising. Every time I thought I had figured out the mystery , she throws a new twist to the tale!
This is a true Gothic story with its vivacious, beautiful and pleasantly naive girl as heroine and the dark, moody, mysterious stranger as hero. 
The settings for the events and places is expertly built and one feels all the creeps, chills and dread expected to be felt by the reader.I just loved the book and the characters.

I give it a 5 out of 5 and strongly recommend reading the beautifully written book and the series which is just too irresistible. This is an epic ending to a gloriously thought out and executed series.
Behind The Veilby Joanna Wayne is everything and more that a reader asks for... 
A modern Beauty and the BeastGothic tale.. Its beautifully written. A through and through must read. What an ending ! :)

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