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#BookReview--> The Lucky One By Nicholas Sparks

"How far would you travel to find love?" is the question asked on the cover and this was what made me pick this novel in the bookstore,
even before I read the small font right at the top claiming that the book was a bestseller.

I never go by such claims in small fonts. I prefer my own judgement on the same. Now many would say that I think too highly of myself but then this is who I am and I think each reader should read and then decide if a book is a best seller in their opinion or not. What do I care if the other 99 out of 100 people have liked this book if I don't like it after I have finished reading it!!

Nevertheless, I thoroughly enjoyed reading The Lucky Onewhich is a touching story of hope, belief, luck, love lost and found but most of all the secrets of the heart that guide us in our life.

Logan Thibault has seen it all in his 4 or so years career as a Marine and, now that he is back from the war, is haunted by the deaths of his friends in the army and the horrors that they faced at the battlefield. Logan survived numerous close encounters with death and came to be claimed as lucky. His friend Victor, believed that a certain picture of a woman that he carried with him was his lucky charm and though he had never met her, it protected him from harm.
Now back safe, Logan resolves to find this mysterious woman and travels across the country in pursuit of her.

Why does he feel the need to find this woman?
Does he owe her something as Victor said?
What happens when he does find her?
How will he explain the circumstances surrounding the picture?

All these questions are what Logan has to find the answers to and also discover his destiny which he feels is somehow connected to this mysterious woman.

The journey to find the woman in the picture , though he doesn't know it at the time, is one that will bring meaning to his life.

The book is simple in style but written in an engaging manner. I was  hooked from the start and felt part of the story line. The tragedy of war, the injustice of life is effectively brought to life by Sparks and left me with tears in my eyes. The love that grows between Logan and Beth is shown beautifully via emotions and circumstances that bring them together. There's is a love that blossoms in the backdrop of menace, conspiracy and difficulties. Set in the humid North Carolina, there is everything to keep us interested with nail biting scenarios, unexpected turnouts to events and a humorous touch too to the story.

All in all, a gripping page turner with an ending where I constantly feared that this could also be one of the books with unhappy endings. (I am not saying that the ending is unhappy or happy. You gotta read the book to find out ). After all you never know with Sparks, he thrives on the unconventional and has no qualms about killing his protagonists if he so wishes.

The book was successfully made into a super hit movie by the same name
The Lucky One. :)

I give the book, The Lucky One,  a 4.5 out of 5 and highly recommend it. Its a keeper which encourages us to believe and never fear the unknown. You never know..your destiny might just be round the corner!! :)


  1. nice reviews... :)

  2. i am surely gonna download this movie....and if possible ...then read this one....it seems a hell lot of interesting to me.....as of the kind of story i am lookin for!!


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