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#GeneralPost--> How the decision to review every book I read changed my reading style..

I dont remember the first time I realised that I loved to read but I still feel the giddiness when I have a new book in hand or the thrill that follows thereafter. I have always been a fast reader and can proudly claim to having completed reading books as fast as within an hour or two!!
But ever since I have started reviewing every book after I have read it, I feel an added responsibility to think and evaluate my thoughts about a book before I present them on my blog because these thoughts of mine can turn out to be a deciding factor in someone's decision to buy that particular book!!
Now I feel I have become more responsible and the sense of duty to present the most honest view about a book has made me a more aware reader. I now savour the books I read and even after I have finished reading them take time to collect my feelings about it and reach the most unbiased and untainted conclusion.
I would love to hear your thoughts about the same and hope to always present the most honest review of a book. If even one person is aided in his/ her search for a book via my review then it's a success for me..:)

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