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#BookReview--> Legacy Collection, Book #1- Maid for the Billionaire by Ruth Cardello

Firstly, I loved the book cover. Its simple yet very telling. The central figures locked in a kissing pose don't have faces as if the author wanted the readers to place themselves in their positions
and feel the love that flows between the hero and heroin in the story. Mission accomplished I must say. :)

Maid for the Billionaireis the first book in the Legacy series by Ruth Cardello. Although the story line is typical with an arrogant, devilishly handsome billionaire who is accustomed to getting his way every time and so when he finds a beautiful maid at his house, instantly decides to have her to himself; the author has given the story some pretty unexpected turns and thus, has been successful in making the story feel fresh and different. Every time I felt that I knew what was going to happen, Ruth Cardello throws an unexpected turn to the story. :)

I really liked the heroin Abby who is a simple, middle class, school teacher but very brave and not afraid to stand up to the hero Dominic. Dominic feels he can buy anything with his money but Abby always makes him realize his mistake and adequately calls him an "Ass" when he dares to offer her money for her supposed "services".

She is not like the typical softy heroines who are always timid, demure and melt in the presence of a dangerously handsome, billionaire like Dominic. She is one person who is not impressed by Dominic's wealth and their encounters were very funny and made me smile. Abby is the epitome of the modern woman who works to support herself, is responsible, full of love and positive towards life and though she has had her share of unhappiness, believes in happy endings. For once the strong characterization of a woman character made me feel proud of being a woman. Kudos to Ruth Cardello for that ! :)

Dominic is the typical ultra rich guy, who is a ruthless businessman weighing everything in life with money and one with a dark past. The thing that moved me and impressed me was the love he had for Abby. He is one person who doesn't know how to show and share his feelings with anyone and I so loved all his efforts to show his love for Abby be it his gentle lovemaking or his bossy way of having bodyguards around her or even his caveman like abduction of Abby!!   :D
Oh and also the mystery of the dark past that had driven Dominic to become this ruthless and cold person is solved which explains a lot about Dominic's actions and motivations.

Eventually, he learns to love and forgive which was way so sweet. :)

A quick and relaxing read. A simply loved the book and just had to buy the other books in the series !

I give 
Maid for the Billionairea 4.5 out of 5 and its a book that is a fitting leisure read that makes you feel that anything can be conquered if there is love present in the equation.

Have started the next book in the series 
For Love or LegacySo excited.. :)



  1. Love this book, series and author!!

  2. So true.. I also enjoyed this series..:)

  3. Found this series by accident and it is probably one of the the best one's that I have read in a long time. Great Characters, great story line, fast reads

  4. Ruth Cardello is awesome and so are her books

  5. love this book, would highly recommend it

  6. Love this series! <3 Andrea

  7. This was the first book I read by Ruth Cardello and Love it!

  8. This was the first book I read by Ruth Cardello and Love it!

  9. Love this book! Love the author!

  10. Love this book. First book to an awesome series


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