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#BookReview--> Legacy Collection, Book #2- For Love or Legacy by Ruth Cardello

Another awesome read in the Legacy series by Ruth Cardello. I had thoroughly enjoyed reading the story of Abby and Dominic in the first book, Maid for the Billionaireand I have equally enjoyed reading about Dominic's feisty sister, Nicole in For Love or Legacy :)

Nicole has just learnt the terms of her father's will and is not happy.
She feels betrayed that her father has put Dominic's interest over her. Nicole was always there for her father unlike Dominic who has had a rocky relation with them for the past fifteen years. She seeks professional help and the only loop hole they find in the will that will allow her to retain her father's company  is Stephan Andrade,  her first love from seven years.

Stephan has become Dominic's arch-enemy ever since Dominic bid and took his father's company. He is determined to destroy everything dear to Dominic and so when Nicole asks his help, he sees another opportunity to harm Dominic. But can he keep himself aloof from his feelings for Nicole, the woman he has always been attracted to?

First off, I simply love the cover which just like the first book has outlines of two people in a love pose. As I have already said in my review of the first book, Maid for the Billionaire, I was impressed by Ruth for not putting any particular faces on her cover but leaving it vague as if urging her readers to go ahead and place themselves in the shoes of her two love struck central characters!!  :)

Ruth offers a very detailed and entertaining account of Nicole and Stephan. There has always been an unexplored attraction between them even after the events of seven years ago which separated them. Stephan still keeps a photo of Nicole and Nicole has never loved anyone like she did Stephan. The choices they have made and the challenges they face when they come together after seven years (each for his/her own reasons) is beautifully portrayed by Ruth Cardello. She describes and develops totally lovable characters which are not perfect but are ordinary people who make mistakes, take risks and are people we can relate with.

Stephan's family even Nicole's limo driver Jeff are a treat to read about. Maddy, Stephan's cousin, is such a sweet character. She is a self proclaimed match maker and plays an important role in bringing Nicole and Stephan together. We get an in depth understanding of the relationship between Nicole and Dominic, explanation of the events that led up to this coldness between them and also an explanation of circumstances that led to the separation of Nicole and Stephan seven years ago.

I was so happy to meet Abby and Dominic again and learn of their life post the first book story.
A thoroughly engaging read that kept me turning pages quickly to see what happened next! :)
The scenes are beautifully described which sometimes made me sad, sometimes made me smile and sometimes made me giggle like a teenager with a crush !! :D

I highly recommend this book and the series which so far has been totally "un-put-down-able".
Ruth Cardello has made it into my list of "to -read" authors and I am looking forward to reading the next book Bedding the Billionairein the legacy series.

I give For Love or Legacya 4.7 out of 5 and recommend that you read it. You wont be sorry!! :)


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