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#BookReview--> Legacy Collection, Book #3- Bedding the Billionaire by Ruth Cardello

What do you do when your "steady, reliable, play-safe always" sister has not so safely fallen in love with a billionaire and is going to marry him, leaving you with the responsibility of planning the marriage of the century?
You feel like you world is all upside -down and such is the case with Lil Dartley who is at her wits end and doesn't know what to do. As if this is not enough, she has unwittingly and unknowingly given a damning interview about her sister's upcoming nuptials which has to be stopped before it comes on-air!!

Jake Walton, Dominic Corisi's right hand man and also his best friend, is on a mission and that is to handle Lil, see to her safety and stop the damning interview from coming on-air. All this is not at all difficult for a man who prides his cool attitude even in terse situations but his effectiveness as a problem solver and even his sanity is tested when he comes in contact with Lil who it seems brings out totally unexpected reactions from him.

First of all, I loved everything about Bedding the Billionaire.. A complete package... :)

Starting from the cover to the story to the characters, everything is just purrrrrfect!!! :)

Lil and Jake are an unconventional pair where each one knows that the other is not the right one for him/her but they nevertheless feel a strong bond with each other proving all their efforts to ignore this connection futile...

"We all want things we can't have, Jake. That's reality..."

I felt myriad emotions while reading the story of Jake and Lil ranging from anticipation to frustration to excitement to heart breaking sadness to out of bounds joy to contended happiness...Ruth Cardello delivers a yet another awesome read in the Legacy series which keeps the reader totally hooked and swiftly turning the pages in anticipation. :)

I give Bedding the Billionairea 5 on 5 and a strong recommendation that you go and buy it... An expertly written ,unconventionally treated love story that left me sighing in pleasure and thoroughly refreshed.. :)

' "Ready?"

'Am I ready for all this? This man? This life change? Everything this means for me and for my child?

Jake entwined his fingers with hers and the answer came to her-strong and absolute.

I am.

I'm finally ready.

"Yes", she said and meant it with every fiber of her being.

Hand in hand, they walked into the rest of their lives together. '


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