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#BookReview--> Whitehorse, Montana: Winchester Ranch Series Book #2 - Hitched by B.J. Daniels

The first thing my brain registered while reading Hitched!was "OMG ! its spooky.." :)

Jack Winchester is on his way to Whitehorse and his estranged grandmother's farm when he notices a girl standing beside the road on a lonely stretch with her thumb out.
Her clothes are muddy and she looks like she has been dragged in the mud. 

'Her clothes were dusty and the cuffs of her jeans wet and muddy.'

As he gives her a ride into town he cant help but notice that something is just not right about her. She looks scared about something. 

'She chewed at her lower lip, stealing glances in the side mirror at the highway behind them. She had him looking back, as well.'

As if this is not enough, Jack has secrets of his own and sensing her fear he decides to capitalize on it. He proposes that she act the part of his wife and come with him to his grandmother's farm.When she agrees, he is left to think about her motivations in all this...

Josey Smith, as she calls herself in front of Jack, is on the run from a killer and though she has agreed to play Jack's wife, is not sure if this will save her from the danger she is in!

Jack's estranged grandmother, Pepper Winchester, has kept no links with her family since her youngest son, Trace disappeared some twenty years ago and her sudden summon to her family looks suspicious to Jack.

Jack has secrets of his own that he wants to keep at all cost and his trip to Winchester farm is no family trip but a planned trip to uncover a secret that can destroy Pepper!

But can Josey and Jack pull off this husband-wife act?
Can Jack fulfill the promise he made years ago and destroy Pepper?
Why has Pepper suddenly summoned all her so-far neglected family?
Can Josey outrun the killer or will she be his next victim?
Can she stay aloof to Jack and keep her secrets from him ? Or will their mutual attraction prove a fatal distraction for them?

B.J. Daniels proves that she is a 5-star author who can deliver a totally WOW book. She vividly describes the barren, harsh, scarcely populated parts of Montana and delivers a first rate mystery which kept me so hooked that I just had to complete the book in one sitting. This is a nail biting page turner where mysteries are numerous and each is handled with such expertise that they unfold beautifully without getting muddled.
The background mystery of Trace Winchester's discovered murder (in the first book,Gun-Shy Brideand the subsequent search for his killer continues here also and the author gives us some more clues to figure out what happened all those years ago!!

The current mysteries surrounding Jack and Josey are interesting specially the one surrounding Josey is chilling and has its "OMG! run" or "Dont stay.. just run" moments.. :)

The romance between Jack and Josey is touching and heartfelt. I was specially touched by the scene where Jack silently hugs Josey while she cries out her fears... B.J. Daniels beautifully brings out Josey's insecurities and her hesitation in having blind faith in anyone when she says

'"The last man who told me to trust him almost killed me"

and Jack replies

"I'm not that man"

So poetic and beautiful.. Totally loved it!! :)

Just like the other B.J. Daniels books, this is also a quick and interesting read with just the correct amount of romance, mystery, drama thrown together.

I give Hitched! a 4.8 out of 5 and recommend the book and series for the beautifully written and executed stories, totally life like characters in an unfavorable situation and some nail biting, brain teasing mysteries that still leave us speculating... :)


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