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#GeneralPost--> Books and Childhood Memories

"There are perhaps no days of our childhood we lived so fully as those we spent with a favorite book" - Marcel Proust

This is the effect I am having while reading "Nancy Drew and The Secret of The Forgotten City"..

This book has transported me back to those golden childhood days when I used to read Nancy Drew, Secret Seven, Famous Five etc. and life was so simple..no pressures, no tensions..it was just one long adventure..
Those were the best days of my life!! 

Review of the book to follow soon.. Till then I am happy living the adventure with Nancy Drew..

Have you ever felt like this?
If yes then do share your experiences with me.. I would love to hear from you..

Soon I'll devote a whole week reviewing just children's books..What do you think about this? 
Do let me know if you have some specific books in mind and we can include them in the list..

Happy Reading!

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