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#BookReview: Cinderella Bride by Monica McLean

I have always loved fairy tales and books with "Happily-Ever-After", and if a book has both then its an instant magnet for me and I just have to read it... ;)

Monica McLean's debut novel Cinderella Bride which came out in 1998, combined both my favorite requirements in a book and was therefore an instant allure for me which I am so glad to say didn't let me down.  :)

An outstanding and amazing debut, this novel has everything from drama to a spell binding story to some exclusively "WOW" moments to memorable dialogues and finally a super happy ending which made my heart soar with love..

Carter King has it all..Wealth, fame, respect but the one thing he wants the most has eluded him so far. He wants a family and an heir but his last attempt at both had backfired leaving him with many regrets and many lessons. The first lesson he had learnt from his marriage to Eva Ann was that there was no such thing as "Love" and the second that never again would he fall for a beautiful face !!

'He'd fallen for a pretty face once and nearly lost everything. Good looks weren't among his criteria this time around.'

According to him, 'A man who didn't learn from his mistakes was a damned fool, and Carter had learned to accept full responsibility for avoiding situations with the potential for repeat performances.' and so this time he had hired a P.I. to search for candidates who suited his criteria for the ultimate purpose of giving him an heir!

'..this time Carter King had chosen his future wife using the same careful, logical precision with which he executed everything else in his well- planned, risk-averse life- with the sole exception of having married Eva Ann. He'd laid it all out on a spreadsheet, listing his criteria and hired a P.I. to scout out potential candidates...'

Marly Alcott, who runs a center for underprivileged children from the projects, is his chosen Cinderella Bride whom he convinces to marry him in return for the funding of her center which is in dire need of monetary support. But his "plain Jane", Cinderella Bride is not the person he thinks she is and carries the burden of a dark secret which had almost killed her once and which has the power to destroy her life and the lives of everyone she loves!

'No one knew her- not anymore. That's how it had to be. That was the only way she'd survived. A fresh, new start in a place where no one could connect her with the ugly past.'

With some pretty awesome twists and memorable dialogues, Cinderella Bride is a must read and Monica McLean a very promising and talented authoress. I have read all three books by her and loved every one of them! Will review them here soon.. :)

She gives to us a very different story in Cinderella Bride, well played out characters who are sensitive and charming, instantly endearing themselves to the reader. The book is a page turner and hooked me from the start where I could never predict the next step. The romantic moments are absolutely riveting that touched my heart and left me wanting more. A through and through enjoyable read and now my favorite too, it can be read any number of times leaving the reader falling more and more in love with it and enjoying it each time with as much interest as before.

I give Cinderella Bride a well deserved 5 on 5 and a strong recommendation to read this intensely romantic and heart touching love story with a twist... :)

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