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#FreeBook--> In Love of Honey, Money And My Virgin Passport by Mita Jain is now open to free sharing !!!

Hi Friends,

Our fellow author Mita Jain has very kindly allowed her novel "In Love of Honey, Money.. And My Virgin Passport" to be open for sharing. This means that now you can read it for free if you are interested.
As many of you showed interest earlier in reading this book which is as yet not available in the market, now all you have to do is post a comment here with why you want to read the book and your email id, and I'll mail you the book.

This book also has a comic strip by the author which makes it even more interesting. :)

Read my review of the book at

and you can also follow the author on her blog http://mitajain.wordpress.com/

You can checkout what others are saying about this book on goodreads by following the link

So what are you waiting for? Grab your copy today..:)

Happy Reading :)


About The Author:
Mita was born in India, and spent her childhood there. She clearly remembers how her love for reading and writing grew. It was "Oliver Twist" by Charles Dickens which drew her into the world of reading and writing. She was about ten years of age when she started penning poetry.

As she grew, her dreams changed too. But one thing that never changed was her love for art and writing.

Her work took her around the world, and she weaves those experiences in her writing.

Dead Man's Alibi was her first novel.

Meeting Miss Konni Chiwa is the first short-story from the "Last-Love-Series".

In Love of Honey, Money....and My Virgin Passport is her upcoming novel.

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