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#BookReview--> Life is What You Make it by Preeti Shenoy

You have your whole life mapped out in front of you but are you ever a cent percent sure of it charting out the exact way as you think?

Ankita had the world at her feet.
She was young, beautiful, multi talented, a meritorious student with loads of friends and boys in love with her. This was the up in her life. Then came the down which left her with two attempted suicides, a severe depression, heavy medication from scores of "Highly acclaimed" doctors and finally when nothing worked, getting admitted in a mental institution. But the question remained..

Was Ankita strong enough to overcome this down time in her life?
How did she get here when everything that she was doing was sure to take her to the stars?
Is this the end?
Is it true what they say Life is What You Make it ?

A poignant tale of hardships, love, failures, a depression so deep that you just want to die and a final victory of the "never-say-die" attitude. I was deeply touched and moved by Preeti Shenoy's attempt at giving a voice to people with mental disorders like the bipolar disorder who often are not understood and don't get the support they need from their near and dear ones.

A well researched book and very sensitively handled, I was impressed by the author who has gone under the skin of the character to bring to the surface the many facets of their behavior and emotions. The characterization is so pure and practical that everyone will feel a connection to them. 
Ankita's character symbolizes the modern woman of today who is smart, intelligent, confident and sure of her future plans.

Abhi's character left me wiping tears and with pain in my heart. He was so deeply in love!! A good friend, an understanding and caring person he gave Ankita a direction, lend her support and most importantly guided her. His grandfather's words to Ankita after Abhi's death "Never belittle love" is still echoing in my heart and my mind.

Preeti has succeeded in making her point and conveyed her message beautifully to the reader. We often ignore and depreciate love whether it be that of our parents, friends, partner, or anyone else taking it for granted but the true value is only understood when one looses that love like it happened with Ankita when she lost Abhi. The regret of not promising to stay in touch, not soothing him when he was disturbed, not professing her love also played a part in pushing her over the edge.

Like Ankita regretted all the things she had taken for granted in her life like reading, writing, being loved, being normal. I wish no one ever has those regrets and after reading this book I am now a new person with a new perspective to all the blessings I have in my life.

“if you have not made somebody's day happier, if you've not appreciated something good that has happened to you and if you have not felt thankful to be alive, then you have wasted that day of your life on earth!” 

"Life is small make the most of it"

A splendidly written book that touches your soul and rips your heart out but leaves you more strong, more in tune with your blessings and a faith that you are capable of climbing out of any deep, dark abyss and capable of changing your destiny and finally your life!

In the words of the author,

'The book is not just about bipolar disorder. It is a story of courage, determination and growing up. It is about how life can take a totally different path from what is planned, and yet how one can make a success of it. It is a story of faith, belief and perseverance too and charting your own destiny.'

But all this is only possible "If You believe" like Ankita did and ultimately made her life the way she wanted. She won against all the odds, hardships leaving behind those days of depression, suicide attempts, uncontrolled rage and the instability.

I give Life is What You Make it a well deserved shining 5 stars out of 5 and recommend this book to everyone. Its a perspective changing and an inspiring tale that will leave you feeling more confident and more determined to make your life the way you want it !
Kudos to Preeti for writing such an unconventional book so beautifully. :)

'The world is indeed a better place when there is love , friendship, acceptance and hope. Powered by these, you can indeed overcome anything, including destiny.'

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