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#BookReview--> Nancy Drew #52: The Secret of the Forgotten City by Carolyn Keene

My childhood memories are not complete without the mention of Nancy Drew books. I have been a fan of Nancy ever since I read the first book featuring her when I was in the fourth standard.

Nancy is eighteen and an amateur detective. She solves crimes and often her friends Bess, George and Ned also help her.

In the bookThe Secret of the Forgotten City, Nancy and her friends are called to participate in a dig in the Nevada desert where there are rumors of a forgotten city and a hidden gold treasure. Nancy is faced with a dangerous enemy, Fleetfoot Joe, who doesn't want her finding the treasure. Amid danger and adventure and ancient stone tablets with petroglyphs on it, Nancy solves one clue after another ultimately succeeding in uncovering The Secret of the Forgotten Cityand finding the lost treasure.

Definitely not the best Nancy Drew adventure, I still enjoyed reading the book and feeling the adventure and the thrill of finding new clues. I felt there was little action and the villain, though one shown as very dangerous, got caught a bit too easily.

There are the usual beloved characters of Bess, George, Burt, Dave, Mr. Drew, Hannah and finally Ned in the book apart from some new characters also which are beautifully characterized and developed. I specially liked Miss Antler. She was sweet and very intelligent. Each and every character played its part beautifully and managed to progress the story without seeming superficial.

I give The Secret of the Forgotten Citya 3.5 out of 5 and wish that Nancy has more mysteries and adventures in the future. 

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