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#BookReview--> She Writes by MSN and Random House India

She Writesis a collection of short stories written by twelve aspiring writers chosen from all over India as part of a competition held in 2012 by MSN and Random House India where the stories were to be based on mandatory line prompts. I had started writing a story of my own for this competition but alas could not send it in time
and so when the book got published I bought it. I was eager to read what others had written and how different were their thoughts as opposed to mine on the same topics with the same lines to quote and Boy was I surprised!!!

All the stories in the book are as different as day and night and some pretty unconventional. I liked the skill with which such different tales are compiled in one book. The introduction by Pretty Shenoy is the best and most engaging written text in the book. The stories, though very different, could have been better because some stories are plain boring!!

I liked a few stories like Boston Brahmin, yokemates etc. I loved the vast cultures and places this short story collection targets and feel that though the initiative was a good effort from MSN and Random House India, they should still have taken more time to filter some stories that were very loose on the theme and could thus, have been filtered from the collection.

I give She Writesa 2.5 out of 5 because I feel that though it an OK book, it can still be a good travelling companion but otherwise, you can skip buying the book and can instead go for borrowing from a library or a friend.

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