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#BookReview--> The Broken Path by Cami Checketts

Are looks everything when it comes to love?
Are disabled people not deserving of someone's love?

Ethan Searle, injured in a near fatal accident at the age of six leaving his legs crippled, believes women view him with pity and definitely don't consider him as a prospective match for them.
But that's cool with him. He had loved once and got burned in the process. Never again is he going to make that mistake. But fate has other plans and he meets his match in the three year old sweet, bubbly and vivacious Brit or Brittan, who loves him despite his disability. The same, though, cant be said of her mother, Autumn, who it seems is bothered by everything about him!

Autumn had been in an abusive marriage and it took a miscarriage and getting beaten and then raped which landed her in a hospital to free her from her abusive husband, Trent. She has ever since lived in the fear of her husband returning and harming her and Brit. She is wary of men and has vowed never to trust, let alone love one ever again. Despite all her best intentions, she feels herself getting drawn in by Ethan's kindness and apparent love towards her daughter.

But can they let go of their insecurities and fear to give love a second chance?
Is Autumn truly free of her abusive husband, Trent?
Will Brit work as the bridge which will join these two damaged, love deficient people?
"Love conquers all"..Is this valid in this case?

My first ever read from Cami Checketts and I am highly impressed by the author. She has sensitively handled the difficult topic of physical disability and brought forth the dilemma and the daily challenges that such people face in every day life. Their struggles, frustrations, sadness and ultimately their need to be accepted as they are is beautifully sketched in the character of Ethan. He is super sensitive about his disability and often misinterprets people owing to this. His longing for Autumn and Brit brought tears to my eyes and made me fervently pray for a Happily-Ever-After for him. What can I say, I am a sucker for good looking men specially the sensitive ones!! :)

Autumn's character is warm, loving and over protective towards her daughter. She is sometimes childish but nevertheless completely endearing to the readers.

Brit is the star character in the book and I felt she is the main character also. It is she, with her innocence and love who brings Autumn and Ethan together. She is endearing, full of life and so sweet with her childish prattle and tricks. Totally loved her.

The romance between Nancy, Autumn's mother and Joseph, the local plumber was so romantic and cute. They are truly made for each other and it was like a breath of fresh air to see people who are shy and although deeply in love with each other are uncertain how they should show their love for each other. I was so touched! :)

A very notable effort and a sweet love story which kept me hooked and swiftly turning pages.  I also loved the cover of the book, specially the little girl in the picture who aptly represents Brit. So so sweet. :)
I give The Broken Path a 4 out of 5.
If you are in search of a sweet, simple and an unusual love story then this is the book for you. :)


  1. Thank you! I really appreciate your kind review.

  2. Your welcome Cami.. :)
    I loved your sensitivity in handling this book and I am curious to know how you thought of writing a love story as different as this..involving a sensitive handicapped man and a wary domestically abused woman...:)


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