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#BookReview--> The Rebound Guy by Farrah Rochon

"Trying to get over a bad breakup?"
"Need help making your ex jealous? The Rebound Guy may be just what you're looking for."
"Do you find yourself single after years of loving a man you only thought you knew?
Are you unsure why your man left in the first place?
The Rebound Guy can help you figure it out"

This is what Asia Carpenter is told by her younger sister, India when her fiance of two years and lover of four suddenly leaves her with a note that says "Look me up when you have more time for me." and the bill of the engagement ring!

But does Asia heed her sister's advice? Does she need this "Rebound Guy" to help her get over Cortland, her now ex-fiance?
Is this "knight in shining armor" answer to all her problems?

Asia Carpenter is a career minded PR Crisis Manager who, though surprised by her fiance suddenly leaving her, is still confident that she can remedy the problem and is unable to accept that Cortland has left her for good. So when her sister mentions The Rebound Guy to her, she rebuffs her only to call him after a particularly heart ripping and humiliating meeting with Cortland where she learns that he has been unfaithful and been seeing another woman behind her back!!
Hoping to make him jealous and dreading the pitying look of people, she hires Dexter Bryant  aka The Rebound Guy to be her "stud-for-hire".

Dexter Bryant abhors the tag people give him of "stud-for-hire" because for him, he is much more than just a toy. He considers himself a "healer" and a relationship adviser who is very successful at making women deal with the grief of their broken relationships!

'Rebounding was a part of the healing process after a tough breakup. He helped women get through that process. He was a healer.'

So when Asia asks him to be her bought escort, he is skeptical but agrees eventually. The tables turn for Asia when she begins to fall for her hired lover.

'Apparently, she was ten kinds of a fool, because Asia couldn't deny the inevitable. She was falling hard for her rebound guy.'

What happens next leaves the reader with a warm and happy feeling in their hearts and a smile on their faces.. :)

The Rebound Guy by Farrah Rochon is a quick, breezy read with a very innovative concept of the "Rebound" man. Farrah has given some thought to the concept and succeeded in making the reader accept and eventually warm up to it.The cover is also very appealing and instantly holds the attention of a reader. I loved the names she gave to her heroines "Asia" and "India". Very unusual names indeed. :)

The characterization is good, though I felt Cortland's character is a bit confusing. His motivations for leaving Asia and his behavioral aspects sometimes make him the victim and sometimes the "bad guy".

Dexter is hot and totally a character one can fall in love with. A man of endearing habits, he is considerate, a very passionate lover and his God like body is also a plus. I totally loved him. :)

Asia symbolizes the modern, career oriented woman who is independent and fiercely protects her freedom. She is sensitive but has perfected her power woman facade and doesn't allow anyone to know her true feelings. I specially loved her small sacrifices that she made for Cortland just out of love for him like foregoing baseball games which she loved watching just because Cortland had no interest in them. Her chemistry with Dexter is intense and the dialogues between these two characters are both memorable and touching. I was so touched by the efforts they make to be together and the final proposal to Asia by Dexter.

"You're it for me. The Rebound Guy is officially off the market for all other women. There's only one woman whom I want. I just need to know whether she wants me, too."

I loved the vivacious and carefree, India who is always eager to give her advise to her elder sister and support her and even though Asia doesn't want her help, she hires Dexter and arranges a meeting just to help her get over Cortland, whom she has always known was wrong for Asia.

All in all, a very sweet love story with a very unusual concept of the The Rebound Guy and some very beautiful characters. It is a quick read and a perfect refreshment after a hectic day at work.

I give it a 3.7 out of 5 with a smile on my face and love in my heart. :)

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