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#BookReview--> The Teacup Novellas #3- Home to Walnut Ridge by Diane Moody

A large cup of strong tea and an engaging book. A perfect setting for a lazy afternoon...:)
Well if you are looking for a matchless book to make your leisure time ideal then Home to Walnut Ridgeis the book for you!!

A sweet, "Feel Good" book that takes us away from the hustle bustle of our city life to a quiet place called Jacob Mill in Tennessee. Away from the chaos and competition of big cities, its a place where weather is always good, where people still care for their neighbors, where trees are still abundant and where the quiet is only broken by the chirping of birds. It's to such a heaven like place that Tracey Collins returns so that she can heal and forget all the ugliness of her life from Washington D.C.

Tracey had always loved the small town and loved her cozy house which had been constructed by her ancestors and was probably 190 years old! But she is not alone in her quest for a second chance in life. Her sister Alex who had always loved teaching and considered her students as her children is forced to leave her job and she has now found a new inspiration in restoring old furniture and wants to open her own shop called "Second Chances". Tracey's father, Buddy, is also healing from a broken heart and has had his share of disillusionment in life but has found a new direction in his life in the form of his odd group of bikers he calls his "Elders" who do odd jobs around town as ministry. These men are from all walks of life. Some have been convicts, some are coping from personal losses but one thing that binds them together is their determination to build a new life for themselves.

One such Elder, Noah who had once been a hot shot attorney in New York catches Tracey's eye and soon it seems they have a connection with each other. Secrets are revealed and hearts connect in Jacob Mill when all these people come together to convert an old smokehouse into a furniture shop called "Second Chances" and along the way get a second chance at bettering their own lives!!

A story of love and kindness and courage to get up after every failure and a belief that everything that happens is for the good. This is one story that is written from the heart and so touches the reader's heart too. A beautiful and sweet book that keeps you turning pages. Its a perfect refreshment along with tea and cake. :)

The only thing I felt that needed more detailing was the Amanda and Tracey angle. It needed closure which is not provided. A minor glitch which in no way suppresses the overall appeal of the book. :)

A good book to read when feeling down for it makes us believe in God and his miracles that shape our life.
I give Home to Walnut Ridge a 4 out of 5 and recommend it for a quiet and lazy day. Now that I have read the third teacup novella, I am looking forward to reading the others in the series along with tea ofcourse. :)


  1. great review - just finished reading it myself =) and felt the same about the Amanda connxn...
    hapPy reading =)

  2. I am so happy that you liked my review Faith..I thoroughly enjoyed reading and reviewing this book.. :)


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