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#BookReview--> Tryst Island #1 - Rebound by Sabrina York

Rebound by Sabrina York is the first book in her Tryst Island series and introduces us with Kristi and Cam.
Kristi has had the hots for Cam since ages but it seemed like Cam always considered her as his friend, a girl safe and not his type.
But all this changes when they meet again on a vacation on the Tryst Island where Kristi has come to overcome her shock at finding her boyfriend of three years in a compromising position with one of the waitresses working in her coffee shop.
What Cam and Kristi label as the rebound turns out to be much more serious and they soon realize that its a forever kind of love they share for each other rather than the affair they had planned.

This is my first encounter with Sabrina York and I must say she has style. She has woven a funny, entertaining and at the same time scorching story. The characterization is strong and I loved the bantering between the Cam and Kristi as well as the gang. They are funny, witty and leave the readers with a smile on their faces.

This is a short novella and if you have never read Sabrina's books before then this is a good book to start with. I loved the story, the interesting and eye catching cover and just about everything of the book.
A new fan has been added to Sabrina's already huge fan list and that is me!!
I am surely gonna read the next books in the series which I am sure would be as good as this one. :)

I give Rebound a 4 out of 5 and recommend to people above the age of 18. The story is a romantic erotica and so is suitable for adults.

I was very kindly provided a free copy by the authoress, Sabrina York and I am very thankful to her for introducing me to such a great book. The above review is my honest opinion and in no way influenced.

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  1. Thank you so much, darling! I am glad you enjoyed Kristi and Cam! Don't miss Dylan and Cassie (Dragonfly Kisses) and, of course, Bella and Holt (Smoking Holt)!



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