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#BookReview--> Whitehorse, Montana: Winchester Ranch Series Book #4- Boots And Bullets by B.J. Daniels

How can a person in a coma be witness to a murder? but Cyrus Winchester is sure that he has witnessed the murder of a nurse in the nursery of the hospital where he was a patient in a coma but no one believes him.
Everyone is concerned that somehow he has mixed a dream with reality and fear that he is losing his mind. Cyrus, though is determined to get to the bottom of this and thus, satisfy his restlessness, arising from this supposed murder episode, once and for all. 
Kate Landon, the owner of Second Hand Kate's has come to Whitehorse to find out what happened to her mother and her aunt thirty years ago and her search leads her to Cyrus. Soon it becomes clear that the woman lying in a pool of blood in the nursery whom Cyrus saw in his dream is none other than her aunt but 

how can someone witness a murder that has already happened thirty odd years ago? Is he psychic and if not then how can he "remember exactly how the old tiles felt on my bare feet or the way the place smelled or that I can describe the hospital to you if I was never awake to see it?" 

A book with a dark and paranormal element to it, takes the reader a step higher with its admirable plot, super tense scenes and a mystery that is sure to leave the reader reeling and shocked. A more heightened atmosphere with undercurrents of the deepening Winchester family mystery where everyone has the means and motive to commit a crime with dark secrets each one of them is determined to protect.

Another splendidly written book by B.J. Daniels and worth every penny spent, I was thoroughly entertained by the story and also lost several of my nails, so engrossed was I with the suspense!! :)

Although I didn't quite understand the logic of the title, nevertheless, it is a beautiful continuation to an awesome series. It whispers solutions to some mysteries and leaves some mysteries unanswered for the successive books.

A deserving 4.2 out of 5 to Boots and Bullets. Don't miss it. :)

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