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#BookReview--> Whitehorse, Montana: Winchester Ranch Series Book #5- High- Caliber Christmas by B.J. Daniels

Jace Dennison had taken the easy way out of his problems and had run away from Whitehorse, never to return, twelve years ago. But he has come back to bury his mother and uncle,
and this time when he comes face-to-face with his ex-fiancĂ©e, Kayley Mitchell, its like the past twelve years never happened.
Kayley had been left to pick up the pieces of her broken heart when Jace left her just weeks before their marriage but she has never loved anyone as she loved Jace. Meanwhile, there is a psychopath stalking Jace and is determined that no one and that includes Kayley, will separate her ever from him. As if this is not enough, Jace learns that his real mother is Virginia Winchester and that he was switched at birth.
Ty had always loved Kayley but she was Jace's. Now he is determined to have her and Jace's homecoming is no exception!
Jace's return has stirred a hornet's nest and Whitehorse is once again the place of fatal accidents, murders, deadly secrets and a deepening family drama ground of the Winchesters.

Can Jace save Kayley from the psychopath who has taken her hostage?
Can he seek her forgiveness and most importantly forgive himself for his actions twelve years ago?
Will he get a second chance at Kayley's love?
Can they forget the past and build a future together?
Who is this mysterious woman and why is she so possessive about Jace?
Can Jace and Virginia come closer and be the son & mother they were meant to be but could never be?

High-Caliber Christmasis another pearl in the string of pearls by B.J. Daniels and doesn't fail in interesting the readers. I read this book back to back with the previous one and cant wait to go to the next and the last book in the series, Winchester Christmas Wedding. Slowly all the mysteries are getting closure and secrets are coming to light leaving one astounded and speechless. I fell in love with Kayley, who I think is the best lover you can get. She is warm, loving, loyal and very optimistic. She loved only one man in her life and waited for him to return to her for twelve long years even though everyone was sure that Jace was never returning!

I didn't agree with Jace and had I been in Kayley's place wouldn't have forgiven him so easily. How can someone leave you when you are at the most vulnerable phase in your life and then when its feasible return strutting believing that all will resume from where he left off!!!

BJ spooked me totally with the character of the psychopath and the ultimate mystery associated with her. I definitely wouldn't have imagined this.

I am speechless, star eyed, totally suspicious of everyone around me (who I think are all out to get me ) and completely spooked by this book but so eager to start the next that my hands are shaking while I am writing this review.

Super shiny 5 stars out of 5 to High-Caliber Christmasand a strong strong advise to read it. DON'T MISS IT.

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