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#BookReview--> Whitehorse, Montana: Winchester Ranch Series Book #6- Winchester Christmas Wedding by B.J. Daniels

The Winchesters have always been the talk of the town but not always for the right reasons! Now that McCall's Christmas wedding is just days away, everyone is afraid of more fireworks, seeing the volatile trend of the last few months.

'Sheriff McCall Winchester felt herself getting more anxious as Christmas and her wedding date approached. It was going to be tense enough just putting her grandmother and mother together. But when she added the rest of her family to the mix. it felt like a powder keg. All it would take was one spark to set the whole thing off. She knew anything could happen -and probably would.'

 A near death experience and a seemingly set up criminal operation has T.D Waters suspicious of his boss, Roger Collins and when he gets a late night mysterious phone call telling him that he is not who he thinks he is and was adopted, his doubts about Roger's motives and his identity are strengthened. Roger had been the one who had rescued him after his parents had been killed and given him a new identity to protect him from his parent's killers, thus making him T.D Waters from Clarkson.

But if  the Clarksons were not his parents then who are his reals parents and why haven't they never contacted him?
Why was he not told that he was adopted?
Why is Collins adamant on discouraging him in his quest for the truth?
He knows that he has to find out the truth of his parentage and the truth is at the Winchester Ranch!

Elizabeth 'Lizzy' Calder is a fine detective and when Roger tells her to bring in the 'Rogue' detective T.D. Waters, she is more than ready to do her job. But what she has not anticipated is falling under his spell and ultimately questioning the truth of her directions from Roger Collins!

Anne and Janie McCormick, heartbroken by their mother's imprisonment and bitter against the Winchesters are planning on doing something big on the wedding day but the question remains
Are they capable of something fatal and evil?
How far are they willing to take this hatred and anger of theirs at harming the Winchesters?
Can T.D bring out the years old skeletons from the closet, so to speak?
Will McCall have a happy wedding at the Winchester Ranch or is it already set to doom?

Although I felt that the love between T.D and Lizzy looked a bit hurried and could have been given more depth still I loved both these characters. Janie's character of a shrewd, conniving and a bit unstable person was expertly sketched and managed to chill the reader to their bones. I felt sorry for Anne who seemed lost after losing her mother and hoped for a happy ending for her too..I sincerely hoped that she would come closer to Hunt and would have loved if Hunt was given more say in the matter instead of keeping him behind the scenes with practically no presence in the story except for just a mention of his name by other characters!!

The last book in the Winchester Ranch Series, Winchester Christmas Wedding, finally provides all the answers to us while it also opens and closes some new secrets. A very well wrapped series with satisfactory answers to all angles and a happy ending for all, I am finally at peace knowing that all is again well at the Winchester Ranch! :)

Sweet 4 stars out of 5 to Winchester Christmas Wedding and kudos to B.J. Daniels for imagining, planning and finally executing such expertly devised stories.

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