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#ARCBookReview--> The Reckless Engineer by Jac Wright

A playboy engineer, his billionaire heiress second wife, his controlling and very powerful father-in-law, a new hot and sexy secretary, his two sons and their over protective mother (his first wife), an angry and jealous ex...And then there is a murder where everyone has the means and the motive to commit it!

Jack Connor, a successful engineer in a prestigious company and married to the very beautiful and very wealthy Caitlin, had everything one could ask for yet he had one weakness. He was attracted to beautiful women and had no qualms in having extra marital affairs. Our story starts with his current mistress's murder who was also pregnant with his child. The very sexy Michelle Williams is found murdered in her home one morning with all evidence pointing towards Jack. Jack calls his friend Jeremy and asks for his help.  Jeremy has known Jack all his life and had been a first hand witness to his affairs when Jeremy had been working with Jack in the same company. He agrees to help but is Jack truly innocent?
London's top defense attorney, Harry Stavers is called to take on Jack's case and as the investigation begins it seems like nothing is as it seems.

Who had sent Caitlin and her father, Douglas McAllen those compromising photos of Jack and Michelle?
Why did anyone feel the need to make them aware of Jack's affair with Michelle?
Is Sally, Jack's ex-mistress, involved in all of this?
Who is the mysterious man with a skull tattoo, who was seen entering Michelle's house?
Who is mysterious K.C., Caitlin talks to and sends money to? And what is his role in Michelle's murder?
What is the role of Douglas McAllen in all this? 
Douglas had been the one to quickly arrange Jack's divorce from his first wife, Marianne when it became known that he was involved with his daughter, Caitlin!
Could Marianne have murdered Michelle when it became known that Douglas would cut all his monetary support to Jack's two sons (Peter and Marc) if he didn't break up from Michelle?
Is Peter's anger and frustration just an innocent act of a young man whose future depends on Douglas McAllen's funding or is there a deeper meaning to it all and a connection to the sudden death of the only person standing in between his dreams of his future?
Was the divorce between Jack and Marianne as amicable as it seemed at that time or is there more to the matter than meets the eye?

Jeremy is faced with situations he has no control over and is suddenly more in tune with the real nature of the people he thought he knew completely. Being a good friend he feels responsible towards his friend who had once saved him in his hour of need but can he help Jack this time? Will he be able to solve this murder mystery and get to the real killer in time to save Jack?
Or is Jack the true murderer and Jeremy is blissfully blind to his friend's true character?

The Reckless Engineer is Jac Wright's first full length literary suspense and psychological, legal thriller due to be released soon and is very intricately plotted story which is expertly executed.  I got engrossed in the story hook, line and sinker. :)
There are so many questions the reader wants answers to and is intrigued more and more as the story progresses. It's a battle of power between people who are influential, powerful and have no qualms in venturing into the grey area. They can and will do anything to get something they want, done.

The characterization is admirable and the characters vivid and each one as different as the day from the night. Although this story revolves around Jack but the true hero of the story is Jeremy who is loyal, a good friend, a passionate lover and overall a sincere person. Jack, on the other hand, is a loose character and even though he is great at his job, he could not make himself dear to me. I disliked everything about him. The way he kept on having affairs despite being married was totally wrong on his part. He left his first wife, Marianne, who had always loved him, for Caitlin's money and connections. Then he cheats on Caitlin. First by having an affair with his co-worker Sally and then after two years leaves her also to go chasing after Michelle, the secretary in his company!
He is a self -centered character.

I was amused and had some fun moments with Douglas McAllen's attorney Magnus Laird, who is an unpredictable character and totally endearing with his clumsy habits and childish activities but who is also very shrewd and an expert in his field.
I liked Jeremy's black gay friend who helps him in disguising himself.

There are so many things I feel should be included and shared with people who read my review but my vocabulary feels inadequate to include everything. So I conclude with saying that The Reckless Engineer is a great and a beautifully written book which will engage you until the end and even after that will leave an impact on you.

I give it a 4.5 out of 5 and strongly recommend that you read this intense mystery.
The book will soon be available in the market so save up to buy this awesome book. :)
Kudos to Jac Wright for attempting to write such a deeply thought of and executed story with multiple layers of mystery. I look forward to reading more from him.

I received an ARC from the author, Jac Wright and am very thankful to him for introducing me to this great book. The above review is my personal and unbiased opinion and in no way influenced.

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  1. I'm reading this book right now, for an ARC from the author. So far, its good! Thanks for your review.
    I'll be posting mine soon! :)

  2. Hope you enjoy the book too..I definitely enjoyed the ride..:)

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