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#BookReview-->Are you the one? by Jennifer Bernard

Can love happen by design or does it happen when it's destined to happen?

Stephen Collingsworth has everything running according to plan in his life when a sudden announcement by his father to wed immediately leaves him dumbfounded.
Repayment of a debt of gratitude is his father's explanation when he orders him to marry his old friend's daughter in a month's time or else lose his entire inheritance which was 'his lifeblood' and 'now one of the major shipping companies in England, and all because of his hard work!'

Having no idea about this girl Bella, Stephen is given a ticket to Chennai and one month's time to know her and woo her for marriage. Bella, meanwhile, is totally against this forced marriage to a stranger and like Stephen doesn't want to commit to anyone just yet in her life. She plans on making him hate her and thus, subsequently refuse to marry her but things don't go according to plan when they both intrigue each other from the first instance that they meet while also getting confused as to their true emotions for each other and what ensues is a tangled web of half truths, misunderstandings and some pretty funny situations that leave the reader smiling like a teenager with a crush and eagerly turning pages to know more!
The added angle of Bella's sister Mira and her best friend, Mike also adds to the story.

I loved Jennifer's writing style which is funny, witty and very crisp. The story is a feel good romance with many humorous, funny and sensuous moments. Jennifer is able to bring out each and every emotion with ease and succeeds in connecting the reader with the characters which are beautifully developed without seeming artificial in any way.

I loved the quiet, simple, girl-next-door character of Mira who is willing to do anything for her sister and her parents even if it means sacrificing her own happiness in the process. Stephen is our own beloved haughty yet way too hot Mr. Darcy and I simply adored him. The intensity of his emotions for Bella sear the reader and the sensuality of the scenes between them is just too delicious! :)
Mike is a loyal friend who becomes truly macho only at the end when he thinks he has a chance at something he truly desires and is unstoppable in his actions to achieve his goal. :)
The character of Bella is that of an outgoing girl who is rebellious and who believes in her own principles which often don't match the expectations that others have from her. Somewhere along the way in the story I started disliking Bella who is always manipulating others, be it her sister Mira who is always covering for her or her father. Bella is selfish and thinks only about herself. She is unconcerned that her actions leave her sister in difficult situations and does not bother to even ask Mira's say in these matters even when it is Mira who has to step into her shoes because she has so conveniently found a reason to ditch her own responsibilities!

A quick, breezy read. Are you the one?is a sweet romantic tale of love which though seemingly predictable has ample unexpectedness to it to surprise the reader. Worth your time and money. It is not to be missed.

I give Are you the one?a 4.2 out of 5 and recommend all people in search of some happily-after romances to read it. It's sassy, sweet and a good companion to lift your spirits and bring some romance in your own life. Kudos to Jennifer on writing a great book which is written in a foreign style and in no way gives a hint that the writer is Indian. :)
I look forward to reading more from her. :)

This book was kindly provided to me for my honest opinion and I am thankful to the author for introducing me to this beautiful story. The review is my own personal opinion and in no way influenced.

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