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#BookReview--> Double Dare by Rhonda Nelson

"Are you ready for the time of your life?" the slogan for Double Dare, Inc., read and Louisa Honeycutt, running from her wedding and her over-protective father felt as if it had been sent just for her. Always the dutiful daughter and over sheltered,
Lou now felt ready to grow up and show her overbearing father that she was mature enough to make her own decisions and none of those decisions included marrying for the sake of a business merger!

Sam Rawlings has a dream and that is start his own magazine but until that dream comes true he is happy to guide people on their self planned adventures. He has specific rules like no mingling with the client, definitely no romantic involvements and a strict no-no to any cases where there is even a slight risk of damage to his reputation and business! But all these rules that he has always followed are soon forgotten when he meets and agrees to escort Lou on her own adventure. Estimating her to be an easy to please client proves the biggest mistake for him and Sam is soon shown a different side of Lou. Instead of guiding Lou on the adventure of her life he finds himself in an adventure of his own. Despite all warning signals, he is enamored by her and sparks fly between them.

But would his love be enough to keep Lou in his life?
Would she truly be able to leave all her wealth and her father to be with him?
Or when her adventure was complete, would she simply go back and play the part of a dutiful daughter?

Rhonda Nelson spins an entertaining tale in her book, Double Dare. A light and breezy romance, I loved the simple yet crisp style of writing with just the right mix of humor, wit and seriousness. The character of Lou and Sam are well developed and their chemistry is sensual. I also enjoyed the character of Jaynes, Lou's driver who though he is a spy for her father but still has a soft spot for her and helps Lou in escaping from her father.

A great leisure read and an enjoyable time pass, I give Double Darea 4 out of 5. If you love interesting and light romances then this is the book for you. :)

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