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#ARCBookReview--> Love, Life And Everything Else by Xunaira J.

Love, Life and Everything Elseby Xunaira J. is a short story collection comprising of four short tales dealing with various topics and exploring a varied range of emotions. There is the small child left to die in the trash among rodents and other creatures of the dump in "Abandoned in the Alley".
Then there is the inquisitive girl who hears voices from the attic which are not heard by anyone else in her family in "Footsteps in the Attic". The third story, "The Novelist", features a boy who finds his idol in a stranger and finally there are three friends who swear to face all the facets of life together but destiny has other plans for them in the final story "The Ribbon Cutting Ceremony".

The stories in Xunaira's book Love, Life and Everything Elseare tales that are seemingly ordinary and each one of us has either experienced or heard such stories numerous times but the thing that makes them special in this book is the sensitivity with which the author weaves the emotions and narrates the sequence of events to form a  recital that touches our hearts and leaves us thinking about them long after we are done  reading them.

Beautifully narrated and simply yet effectively written, this book is a perfect travel companion and a book that can be read at anytime. I give Love, Life and Everything Elsea 3.8 out of 5 and recommend that you take this journey of exploring the various flip sides of life. :)

I received an ARC by the author and I am very thankful to her. The above review is my personal opinion and in no way influenced.

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