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#BookReview--> Mystery Bride by B.J. Daniels

"Will Sheridan knew what he was looking for...He'd planned this, just as he'd planned everything else in his life. Now with his thirty- sixth birthday approaching, he was ready for the next step. Marriage. ...He approached it as he had everything in his life: methodically. Find the woman, romance her and, after the proper amount of time, marry her."

But all his plans backfire when he gets attracted to Samantha Murphy. At first she is just like the woman he has in mind for his wife but soon
all his illusions are broken when he finds himself smack dab in between a child kidnapping, a dangerous mystery surrounding the disappearance of the child's father, Lucas and the much sought after computer game Lucas had created and supposedly because of which all this is happening!

Samantha, who is a P.I and an old friend of Lucas got a frantic and cryptic call from him where he asked for her help to protect something and now Lucas's ex-wife, Cassie wants her to find her son Zack who has been kidnapped. Resisting the painful memories of her past with Lucas and Cassie, Samantha or Sam agrees to find and protect Zack.

But can she protect him?
Why are people after a seemingly innocent small kid like Zack?
Who are these people and what is their connection to Lucas and Zack?
What did Lucas want Sam to protect before the call was cut short?
What is so special about this game Lucas created and where is he?
Why hasn't he come forward even when Zack is taken? Is he dead or is Cassie right and he has skipped town with the game?

As Sam races against time to save Zack and solve the mystery surrounding Lucas, she cannot ignore her increasing attraction towards Will but she also knows that she is totally wrong for him. Will is also unsure about his feelings for Sam. She intrigues him and he admires her strength of character but on the other hand also knows that he cant possibly marry a woman who is anything but safe and Sam who is unpredictable and prone to attract trouble is most definitely not safe!

What happens to them and also the twists and turns in the mystery kept me totally on the edge of my seat and I thoroughly enjoyed the ride! :)

BJ creates a skillfully thought of plot and sketches characters that are real as well as intriguing giving a new depth to the story. I loved Sam who is strong and loyal and willing to even lay down her life for people she cares about. Will is the perfect eligible bachelor and his concern for Sam and Zack was endearing. I loved just about everything about him. Definitely a swoon worthy character!
The fatherly love of Lucas towards his son and Zack's determination to keep his promise to his father was touching and beautifully portrayed. The character of Charley and his lovely family was definitely an added bonus. :)
The suspense and mystery is expertly handled and the introspection part also done marvelously. I loved the book and highly recommend it to everyone. This book can be read any number of times.

A 4.5 out of 5 to Mystery Bride. Don't miss reading it. Like all B.J. Daniels books this one is also a keeper and definitely a must on your reading shelf. :)


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