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#BookReview--> Northstar Angels#1 - Mountain Angel by Suzie O'Connell

Aelissm Davis was all set to start the dream life and as people would say, she had it all. A rich fiance, a set life plan, a satisfactory job, some good friends and her belief for a happy future. But one night all this changed
when her fiance Bryce tried to rape her and her friend Adam, in order to save her, killed Bryce, his own best friend!! It was as if something snapped that night and Adam was never the same. He became obsessive of Aelissm and would not leave her alone despite her repeated warnings and pleadings.
Out of options and running away from Adam and her nightmares of that horrible night, she comes back to the one place she always felt was her home, Northstar in Montana.
Seeing Adam's talent at finding Aelissm every time she became sure that no one could find her, her uncle Bill who is the Sheriff in another county, requests Patrick O'Neil, one of his deputies and also a good friend to  take a vacation to Northstar and protect her until Adam is caught. Patrick or Pat has his own demons to take care of and he is a haunted man running from his nightmares.

Can he protect Aelissm?

Will Adam find Aelissm once again and what will happen when he does?
Can Patrick overcome his fears and let go of the past to accept his feelings for Aelissm?
Can Aelissm stop Patrick when the time comes for him to leave and convince him of her love for him?

Mountain Angelis a soulful story set in the beautiful Montana. This is a vacation where you don't have to actually travel to the place to feel the beauty and peace of it all. The author succeeds in creating a vivid picture in the reader's mind and it's as if we are there seeing everything and feeling every shift in the weather. :)

The relationship between the characters is heart warming and expertly portrayed. The sister like love and true companionship between June and Aelissm; the no-returns-required love between June and her foster son, Luke; the budding romance and emotional bond between Aelissm and Pat; also the support and love shared among the people in the close- knit community in Northstar is beautifully sketched and portrayed.

The only downside is the pace of the story which is not the fast paced turn of events one would expect after reading the blurb. Nevertheless it's a good story with plenty of suspense and takes the reader on an emotional roller coaster ride. The cozy cabin set in the wilderness and the peace of the woods of Montana with the snow covered mountains is the best place to heal and go to, to forget all our worries and get engrossed in the love story of Pat and Aelissm who live there!

I give Mountain Angela 4 out of 5 and recommend the book for a lazy day or when you want to leave the buzz of the city and travel to heaven on earth where the air is clean, weather unpredictable and where their is only happiness and love among the residents who are willing to lay down their lives to save one of their own!
The next book in the series, Summer Angelis definitely on my "To-Read" list now. :)

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