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#BookReview--> The Rebels of Cordovia by Linda Weaver Clarke

Centuries after Robin Hood, the circumstances are again in demand of yet another brave savior like him which leads to the formation of "Robin's Rebels" in the kingdom of Cordovia where people are unhappy and oppressed under the unjust rule of King Rupert.
King Rupert is only concerned with lavish parties and getting fitted in grand clothes and is unconcerned about the welfare of his people who are overtaxed to pay off the debts incurred due to his lavish lifestyle.

Amidst this oppressive and unhappy circumstances blossoms a love between Daniel and Marie. Daniel, though a son of an aristocrat, feels strongly towards the injustice and plight of the people and has thus formed a rebel group called "Freemen" to fight against the King. What he doesn't know and anticipate is that the fair and lovely maiden he got attracted to at first sight is also the mysterious leader of the famous rebel group "Robin's Rebels"!
Hoping to merge the two groups and thus, increase their numbers against the King, Daniel challenges the mysterious Robin to an archery match.

But what will happen when he comes to know the real identity of Robin?
How will he react when he realizes that the mighty Robin is a woman?
Can they merge forces and end this reign of tyranny?

A feel-good, light and breezy book with a very appealing cover which instantly catches the reader's attention forcing him to stop and take notice, The Rebels of Cordoviais an engaging book with ample twists and turns to keep the reader interested. Although it takes sometime to engross the reader but once it does then there is no lack anywhere. I liked the brave and chivalrous character of Marie/Robin who is adept at disguises and can splendidly play the role of the mysterious and the savior of the poor, Robin as well as the role of a dainty, sensitive maiden, Marie. Daniel is a great leader as well as sensitive to the plight of the common man. He is very devoted to his cause and his sincerity and sense of responsibility is common between him and Robin. I was also enamored by the love and care that these two display towards each other. Andrew, Robin's father is an interesting character with multiple talents to his name and is responsible for training Robin in the art of fighting. Charles, Daniel's father is also an endearing character with his jovial nature and a strong sense of justice which prompts him to support his son in his goal of restoring peace in Cordovia. The characters are expertly developed and I loved the overall lively interactions and the caring attitude they displayed for each other. Whether it be their leg pulling or their die-for-each-other attitude.

In all a light book that will entertain and cuddle you while also leaving the reader affected by the sufferings and poverty in the story. I give The Rebels of Cordoviaa 4 out of 5.  Linda does an admirable work of recreating a new Robin Hood and a touching romance in the backdrop of a fight between right and wrong.

I received the book, The Rebels of Cordoviafrom the author and I am very thankful to her. The above review is my personal and unbiased opinion and in  no way influenced.


  1. Wow! Your review really touched my heart. Thanks so much for the sweet words about my book. I can't thank you enough.

  2. Thanks Linda..I enjoyed the book.. :)


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