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#FREEBIE and #Giveaway --> Faye by N.J. Paige


2045-The United States Government has collapsed completely, even at the state and local levels. Now everyone must fend for themselves. Militia groups are formed, each vying for total control. A war breaks out; treaties are agreed up on, and eventually they settle into three independent communities: the Anarchist(the lawless), Devotees(the conformist), and Altruist(the accepting). 
In the midst of this new order is Faye, born to an un-wed Devotees, who loathes her in every way and abuses her in ways no mother should. Faye is forced to choose between running away and risking her life, in order to find a better life for herself, though she may not have to do it alone, or accepting her fate---that her mother will never love her.

  FAYE (THE RUNAWAYS) by N.J. Paige is FREE for 25th October 2013. So hurry and get your copy now.. :)

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