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#BookReview--> Last Love Series #1- Meeting Miss Konni Chiwa by Mita Jain

Meeting Miss Konni Chiwais a short sweet romantic comedy by Mita Jain. As the book blurb aptly describes it. It's a "Love story of a global Indian!" 

Aman Singh is a college professor who falls for a girl who doesn't know his language and the story is his reminiscences of his love journey. It's written in an interview format and the writing style is witty, funny and totally endearing.

I fell in love with Aman and Sakura. They don't understand each other and their attempts at interacting with one another are funny and left me rolling on the floor laughing! :)

The story is fresh and made me remember my own college days and that love struck phase when weather was always breezy and life was always one happy adventure. I was able to feel each and every emotion felt by Aman and loved every second of the adventure. :)

The author has succeeded in proving that love can happen anywhere and with anyone. There are no barriers of language, culture, countries etc. in true love.

The characters of Aman and Sakura are cute and I loved Aman's perseverance at making Sakura understand his love for her. All his plans and schemes at slowly making Sakura fall in love with him fall flat when he learns that she is leaving and the last scene is so beautifully sketched it left a lasting impression on me. 

A short, breezy story that will leave your heart filled with love and make you re-live those days when you too were in love.

5 on 5 super shiny stars to Meeting Miss Konni Chiwaand kudos to Mita for writing such a "Feel Good" story.  Don't miss reading this sweet and beautiful tale of love between two totally unmatched people. It's a must for all people who have been or are in love. :)

I am so thankful to the author Mita Jain for introducing me to this lovely story and for sending me this book.
The above review is my personal opinion and in no way influenced.

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