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#BookReview--> Lacy (The Doves of Primrose) by Krista Kedrick

Lacy is sassy, confident and independent. She is also the new owner of the "Dove House", the notorious B&B built by her great-great grandmother and passed down to her after her mother takes off with her current boyfriend leaving Lacy to support the "Dove house" which is in dire need of maintenance.
Lacy, on the other hand, is almost bankrupt because her husband of eight years, Brice, has run off with all her savings leaving behind just a text telling her of his plans of gold mining in Alaska!

Now Lacy has to support herself as well as her home. In comes the offer of a film shooting which, though a huge pain for her what with all the people to care for and too many preparations to do, will also pay for many of the repairs her house needs. The only major problem that she has with this plan is the presence of Kyle McClintock. Kyle and Lacy had shared one summer together eight years ago but all her hopes of a future with Kyle had been dashed when he had taken off leaving her sitting by the pond waiting for him.

Kyle has now become a big movie star and is part of the film which will be shot at the "Dove House". He is back in his hometown after eight years. Eight long years during which he has often thought about Lacy and pondered on her reasons of leaving him when he had been sure of their love for each other and had his future planned with Lacy. Now he is back and willing to take another chance with her.

But is getting back together after eight years even possible?
Can they forget their past so easily? Or Is there a long battle to be won before their present and future is as they had once dreamed of?
Is Lacy free of Brice or is there more to come from him?
What are the mysterious voices and cold drafts Lacy and the others have witnessed in the "Dove" house?
Is there a ghost in residence?

Lacyis a quick, breezy romance but with a twist. There is mystery and suspense also involved which made it more appealing to me. The writing style of Krista is engaging and very vivid. The mental picture of the "Dove House" she sketches is deeply soothing and very appealing making the reader want to go and stay there!

Although I enjoyed the book and was very interested in knowing the finale for Lacy and Kyle, I also felt that the story was unnecessarily being stretched at some places and so skipped some parts to move forward. Also the ending, though a happy one, didn't quite leave me buoyant. I was unhappy with the partial closure of Lacy's past with Brice (people who have read the book will know what I am talking about). I guess maybe it will have a part in the subsequent books in the series.The story could have been more compact and cohesive. Again and again I get the same moral that there should be communication between lovers and spouses to keep the relationship transparent and devoid of misunderstandings. I would also have loved if the culprits of their separation had had a fitting punishment in the story. There is also no closure between Kyle and his family. Krista has kept the foundation of the subsequent books in "The Dove" series and has definitely left me waiting for the next book in the series which I hope will bring closure to some of the lingering questions this book leaves behind.

The friendship between Lacy and her friends Scar and Emmy was heartfelt and very touching. I also loved the humor Krista injected in their conversations which left me laughing and chuckling. The chemistry between Kyle and Lacy is sensuous and very well portrayed. There interactions are fun and witty. At so many places I felt like telling Lacy, "Common now give Kyle a chance and get together already" and was so touched as well as commended the persistence of Kyle to patch things up with Lacy.

A good leisure read and sure to appeal to all romance lovers. I give Lacya 3.8 out of 5.

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