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#BookTour and #BookReview--> Mate of the Alpha by Marie Mason

Ethan Scott is the very handsome and very successful owner of the Wolfe Enterprises, where Lily Reynolds works. He is attracted to her from the first time he sets eyes on her except that here all normalcy ends and the paranormal starts
because Ethan is no mere human but a wolf shifter alpha who recognizes Lily as his mate even at first glance. Although, he knows that Lily is his other half and the only woman for him, he is reluctant to accept her as he fears she is too sensitive to handle his more carnal desires.
Lily, on the other hand, has had a crush on Ethan from the first time that she saw him but is bewildered by his sometimes hot, sometimes cold attitude. She has been hurt once and her confidence shattered and so is very conscious of her curvy, slightly plump body which she feels is no competition to the perfect figured women she has seen around Ethan.
An unexpected attack on Lily from some rogue wolves pushes Ethan in the protective mode where he knows he can no longer deny the inevitable.

"What would he have done if she had been injured, or God forbid, killed?"
"Died with her."
"He knew his wolf was right. There would be no living without her. She was his. Always. And forever."

But can he accept Lily without making her afraid of his wolf side?
Can Lily let go of her doubts about her appeal to men and believe that Ethan truly loves her?

Mate of the Alphais a short and to the point paranormal romance which engages the reader from the get go but still one always feels a lack of background in the story. Very little is told about Lily's history and almost nothing is told about Ethan except that he is an alpha. But I wondered what being an alpha meant here? If Ethan is an alpha then where is his pack of followers? What is the societal structure in his world and why does he work in a company? There is no information on the world they live in and the situation of shifters like Ethan in it. Where does he come from and what is his history?
The idea of rogue shifters is also not clear and I would have loved some background on them.
Also there are just the two of them and no third character which made me miss a wider perspective to Lily and Ethan's character. It seems more like a prequel and I am curious to know if this leads to a subsequent series. I sure hope for a full fledged novel. :)

The book is short, breezy and very hot. It is fast paced and succeeds in captivating the reader with its steamy, sensuous and very well portrayed scenes. The chemistry between Lily and Ethan is scorching and developed expertly. The writing of Marie is crisp and effectively portrays all the emotions she wants the readers to feel while reading her book.

All in all, a well written short story which is meant for mature readers. I give Mate of the Alphaa 3.8 out of 5. If you love shifter wolves and are a fan of paranormal romances then give this book a try.

I received the book from the author and Fangtastic Book Tours and I am very thankful to them. The above review is my personal and unbiased opinion and in no way influenced.

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