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T. Lucas Earle’s short story, Monkey Talk, is loosely based on the Chinese myth, the Monkey King, a timeless story about who belongs, and who doesn’t. In a future in which Chimps can give lectures on cybernetics, Mr. Towry, is a Chimp with an attitude. Unfortunately, the rules are still “No shirt, no shoes, no service.”

Lacy Weston was just appointed owner/operator of the family’s notorious bed and breakfast after her mother took off with her most current flame. With the ink still wet on her divorce papers she’s ready to tackle a new project. The only thing is the ancient place is about to go under and not just financially. The opportunity of a lifetime drops in her lap when a phone call offering her serious cash to film a western movie on her land comes. What’s the catch? Former rodeo champ and local hero Kyle McClintock is the lead actor. Lacy is determined to keep their past relationship where it belongs – in the past. 

Kyle McClintock is back in Primrose to shoot his latest western blockbuster and to see if the passion he and Lacy Weston had so many years ago could be rekindled. But he may get more than he bargained for. Lacy is putting up more of a fight than he planned. Strange happenings, hot tempers and Indian summer nights may prove too much for this cowboy. It seems the universe is working against them. Who would have thought loving a Weston would be this damn hard? And will they survive long enough to claim the love sizzling beneath the surface? 

Burned out and bitter after a string of disappointments, Nicola Strozyk takes a short-term gig assisting Laurie Sparks, the design world’s reigning enfant terrible. Barely in his twenties, Laurie has built himself an empire that encompasses a chic Manhattan boutique and a role on an obnoxious reality series. Part worldly sophisticate and part cheerful scatterbrain, Laurie is beautiful and extravagant; at nearly twice his age, Nicola is jaded and resolutely unglamorous. As Laurie’s burgeoning fame threatens to overwhelm him, Nicola finds herself struggling to keep him on solid ground. 

When Laurie becomes obsessed with tracking down the designer of a mysterious coat, he drags Nicola along on a champagne-fueled quest that takes them from the New York catwalks to glittery Hollywood parties and swanky suites in Paris hotels. What begins as a lark takes an ominous turn when they uncover a decades-old mystery involving the murders of two young models. Along the way, the odd-couple camaraderie between Nicola and Laurie evolves into a fierce bond, which is put to the test when she must protect him from a pair of deadly threats: a mercurial fellow designer hell-bent on burying a dark secret, and an obsessive killer who has fixed his sights on Laurie.

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