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#ChildrenDaySpecial--> Must Read Books For Children Part 1 - Enid Blyton's Books Special

Hi Friends,

Children's Day is almost here and I thought why not talk about the books I loved as a child.
So here is my list of books that are and will always be the greatest and coolest gateways to the magical world where adventures are aplenty and anything is possible!

Today I will list my personal favorites by Enid Blyton, the most famous children's books author whose books are a must for every child.

I have also given links to buy these books and have taken care to include links with lowest prices taking the benefit of some pretty awesome deals going on right now.

So indulge and enjoy. :)

 Five on a Treasure Island (The Famous Five Series, Book #1)
The most famous series by Enid Blyton, this book is the very first Famous Five adventure, featuring Julian, Dick, Anne, not forgetting tomboy George and her beloved dog, Timmy! There's a shipwreck off Kirrin Island! But where is the treasure? The Famous Five are on the trail - looking for clues - but they're not alone! Someone else has got the same idea. Time is running out for the Famous Five, who will follow the clues and get to the treasure first?

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The Secret Seven (The Secret Seven Series, Book #1)
It's their very first adventure and the Secret Seven super-sleuths are already on the trail of a mystery! The gang are dressed in disguise, following a lead to a spooky old house in the snow!

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The Adventure Series
The three adventure series consisting of The Island Of Adventure, The Castle Of Adventure and The Valley Of Adventure. The Island Of Adventure - Something very sinister is happening on the mysterious Isle of Gloom and the children are determined to uncover the truth! But Philip, Dinah, Lucy-Ann and Jack are not prepared for the dangerous adventure that awaits them in the abandoned copper mines and secret tunnels beneath the sea. The Castle Of Adventure - Why is everyone so afraid of the castle on the hill, and what dark secrets lurk inside its walls? When flashing lights are seen in a distant tower, Philip, Dinah, Lucy-Ann and Jack decide to investigate - and discover a very sinister plot concealed within its hidden rooms and gloomy underground passages. The Valley Of Adventure - Who are the two strange pilots, and what is the secret treasure hidden in the lonely valley where the children land? Nothing could be more exciting than a daring night flight on Bill's plane! But Philip, Dinah, Lucy-Ann and Jack soon find themselves flying straight into a truly amazing adventure.

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Mister Meddle's Mischief (Happy Days)
Mister Meddle is a pixie who is always willing to help out and do good deeds, but he never quite gets it right and doesn't wait to be asked for help. Whether he's leaving worms in lampshades, or serving up soap instead of butter, he always ends up in a muddle.

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First Term at Malory Towers (Malory Towers, Book #1)
Enid Blyton made the whole boarding school experience an adventure with Malory Tower series comprising of 6 books. Another 6 continuation novels are written by Pamela Cox.
Malory Towers is a girls' boarding school located in picturesque surroundings by the sea in Cornwall.
Scared and excited, Darrell Rivers has just arrived at Malory Towers. It's fantastic - but huge. How is she gong to remember everyone's name, let alone find her way around? And will she ever have a special friend of her own?

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The Mystery of the Burnt Cottage (Five Find-Outers, Book #1) 
The Five Find-Outers and Dog are Fatty, Larry, Daisy, Pip, Bets and Fatty's Scottie dog, Buster. Fatty's real name is Frederick Algernon Trotteville and, unfortunately for him, his initials fit him to a tee.However, his vibrant personality, inventiveness and sparkling sense of humour make Fatty a fun, larger-than-life character whose nickname quickly becomes a term of endearment.
The children investigate crimes in and around the riverside village of Peterswood, much to the annoyance of the village policeman, blustering buffoon Mr. Goon. He does his best to outsmart the Find-Outers but Fatty ("that Toad of a Boy!") and his friends are always one step ahead, sometimes aided and abetted by Goon's own nephew, Ern. Gah!
This is the first in the 15 book series by Enid Blyton.
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Roger, Diana and Snubby make friends with Barney and Miranda whilst on holiday at Rockingdown village. Barney is a circus-boy who, since his mother's death, has been on a quest to find his absent father. The boy sleeps rough and earns money by doing odd jobs, his only companion being his monkey, Miranda. When the children explore the deserted Rockindale Manor they hear strange noises coming from the cellar and then Barney disappears. Can the others find him? 

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Noddy is an icon. Even today, 60 years after his 'birth' and just over 40 years after his creator's death, he is probably the main character to be associated with the name Enid Blyton. For many children, Noddy was their introduction to Enid Blyton and once they were hooked there was a tasty menu of Blyton books to move on to.
This book contains 4 out of the total 24 Noddy books written by Blyton.

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Tom, Pippa and Zoe meet up with Andy whilst on holiday. Together they go off sailing in Andys boat and have lots of adventures. The shipwreck on the lonely islands was exciting, but think how the adventurous four feel when they discover that the hidden harbour they discover is full of enemy submarines! They decide to investigate more closely, but just as they make it o the mainland to expose this terrible enemy, a forgotten camera leads to their capture. How can they outsmart the enemy and escape? And, even then, is there any way of getting off the Island? 

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And the list goes on and on. Enid Blyton understood children like no other and therefore became one of the most loved children's books author of all time. The above list contains some of the more famous adventures. 

You can checkout the other great series/ books by Enid Blyton like St. Claire series, Naughtiest Girl series, Six cousins series, Galliano's circus etc. by clicking the below link.

Buy other Enid Blyton Classics. Click here.

There is no gift better than the gift of books! :)

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  1. I loved Enid Blyton, too. I have a few of them still in my bookshelf. Thanks for visitng my blog. I liked visitng you back.


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