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Better Way is the way with the Lenovo Yoga Tablet!

I had been shy of using tablets but ever since using them for the first time, I have become so used to having a tablet at my disposal that life seems incomplete without one!

In the present hectic lifestyle, speed and efficiency to do work in the least possible time with the least possible dependencies is everything and this is where I felt the need to have an easy to carry tablet that did my work with speed, had a good battery life and one which exerted me the least. Thanks to Lenovo, the Yoga tablet came to my rescue. It has a splendid battery life of upto 18 hours, is stylish looking, is easy to use with its "Hold", "Tilt " and "Stand " Modes and is also easy to adjust according to our needs. A tablet that is light and easy to use with one hand, I loved the new Yoga tablet. :)

Gone are the days of wrist pains due to holding the tablet for long, the discomfort of typing with one hand while also fearing lest the tablet slip from my hands. Gone are the days of complaints about the poor battery life and the poor display quality with sluggish navigation. The days of neck stiffness and handling discomfort are over because a new and unique tablet is here and it stands apart from the sea of other tablets. Now I can talk, work, read, play and click great pics (5 mp rear and 1.6 mp front camera to the rescue) and also save all my data in the 64 GB micro SD card present in the Lenovo Yoga tablet!

Oooh..So many features and they are all there in one tablet! A great buy starting at Rs. 20,000, Yoga tablet is here to stay and revolutionize the tablet market. :)

#BetterWay with the Yoga Tablet includes:
  • Great battery life of upto 18 hours.
  • Three great modes "Hold""Tilt " and "Stand " to suit our requirements of working either while holding the tablet, making it stand on a table and working or tilting it to adjust the tablet to our eye level. All three modes are a godsend and really make using this tablet a pleasurable experience. No more missed deadlines, wrist aches, neck stiffness and hunting for a PC or a laptop to work! :)

  • More than enough space to store our data with the provision of a 64 GB memory storage space.
  • 5 MP rear camera and 1.5 MP front camera are great for capturing our best moments.
  • Classy and stylish design make this tablet a fashionable companion.
  • WiFi, GPS and Bluetooth are also friends with this tablet and come in style to make our life easy.:)
  • Sharp and crisp display with no lag make it even more desirable.
  • Uncomfortable with touch screen typing? No worries! Lenovo Yoga tablet gives the users an option of using a wireless keyboard. :)

  • No more fear of dropping the tablet. This tablet can stand, tilt and even has a cylindrical battery design that aids holding it in one hand! Now I can read my books, play games and do my work without any fear and with great ease. All thanks to the great efforts made by Lenovo in making this fabulous tablet. :)
If you have not yet heard of Lenovo's Yoga Tablet then visit this facebook page to learn more and hear what other people are saying about this great gadget https://www.facebook.com/LenovoIndia

The above article is my entry for the "Better Way" contest held by Indiblogger.


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