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#BookReview--> A Brush of Love (Vacation Love) by Jonathan Sturak

"Love Lasts Forever..." says the book cover and introduces us to Anne Daniels who has everything. A job, a loving family, friends but still something is missing and Anne feels the need to meet a man and experience the roller coaster called love. Her wish comes true when while on a trip to Tampa, Florida, she meets a carefree artist Alex who shows her one evening of bliss on a beautiful beach in Florida, hidden from the public eye. One evening changes Anne and leaves her with myriad of emotions.

Is this what is called love?

And if it is love then what will Anne do about it?
Will she take a chance and accept this love that has come her way?

"Will you take a chance with me?" he asked so softly I could barely hear his voice, yet I could hear it louder than anything.

Life is full of surprises and shocks and Anne gets her share in a twist that will leave her and the reader deeply affected.

A Brush of Love is available for free on Amazon and that is where I got it from. When I started reading this short story, it seemed an okay type of book but almost halfway through the book the change that came in the whole atmosphere left me shocked and reeling!

Jonathan has that technique to take a slow paced and predictable story and make it into something entirely unpredictable and totally appealing. I loved this story and highly recommend it.

The character of Anne is believable and I could connect with her on certain points. Alex is a true craftsman, entirely in his own world and not concerned with the daily problems of life. He lives his life to the fullest and shows Anne the peace and beauty of life away from the daily hustle bustle we are often trapped in.

This book left me pondering life and the futility of our concerns for attaining success, earning more money etc. when we already know that life is unpredictable with no guarantee what challenge it will throw at us next!

A 4 out of 5 to A Brush of Love and I will surely checkout the other books by Jonathan Sturak. A strong recommendation to read this touching story of love and enjoy. Get the free copy from Amazon now. :)

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