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#BookReview--> Taming of the Sheenans #1- Christmas at Copper Mountain by Jane Porter

Title and Author: Christmas At Copper Mountain by Jane Porter
Series: Taming of the Sheenans #1
Print Length: 119 Pages
Publication Date: December 2013
Language: English
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Holidays

My Review:
Harley Diekerhoff wanted just one thing and that was to go away and spend the upcoming festive season away from her family where she was sure she could not endure all the happiness and wild enthusiasm of her sibling's children and her own grief filled reminder of everything she had lost! So to go somewhere where nothing reminded her of her past, she takes up the post of temporary housekeeper for widower Brock Sheenan at Copper Mountain Ranch.

Taciturn and often rude, Brock wants a housekeeper who keeps to herself and is also proficient in the household chores. This suites Harley just fine and she is perfectly happy there until the arrival of Brock's twins Mack and Molly. Thrown headfirst in a situation she wanted to avoid, she is sure that she needs to leave but is unable to after seeing the twins longing for a happy Christmas which they have never had and a cozy, love filled holiday they crave for in the absence of their mother. There is also the problem of the growing attraction that she feels for Brock or the simmering desire she sees in his eyes.

But can Harley put aside her own grief to give these love starved children a happy festival?
Can she overlook her attraction to Brock, who also has been damaged in the past just like her and like her is still trying to cope with his loss?
Will the children and the magic of Christmas bring to Harley the peace and fulfillment she has been running after?

"Could she face her fear for them?
Could she face her fear to love their dad?"

A beautiful tale of love lost and found and of miracles that happen when people care for each other and are ready to sacrifice their own happiness, Christmas At Copper Mountain is a book that will make you fall in love with the characters and also make you believe in miracles.

"Hope, wish, dream, need.
Heartbreak, loss, pain, grief.
Which was bigger, which was stronger?
Love was stronger, but was there enough love here? Was there enough love to mend their hearts and make them work?
How would she know?
How could she know?"

I loved everything about the book. The cover is appealing, the characters touching and totally endearing and a story that will strike a cord within you. A book of hope, love and miracles. I give Christmas At Copper Mountain a full 5 on 5 and highly recommend it for this Christmas! :)

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