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#BookReview--> No One Told No One by Daniel Meehan

No One Told No One is Daniel Meehan's first work and when I took up this book I had no idea where the story would lead. The story deals with a group of children who are either orphans or runaways and they live secretly in a community called the Island. They are non existent to the outside world and preserve their secret by having no friends outside their own circle. One day one of the children brings an outside girl Katy and soon its a battle to keep the community safe and hidden from the grownups.

Firstly, I just didn't understand the idea of the novel completely. The author supports the whole idea of some children living underground with no sense of stability and family, seemingly
enjoying their freedom from the adults and their rules which they despise. I just didn't feel very supportive of this whole idea. Accordingly to me every child should have a chance at having a loving family whether it be his own or a foster one. They should have proper education, a sense of belonging in the world and the joys of childhood. The children called the Island have no family. They remain hidden in an underground room in an abandoned warehouse. They have no education and roam the streets during the day. Its like one long vacation for them with no idea of a future.

What kind of a freedom is this?

The cover of the book gives no idea about the story and doesn't seem in any way connected to it. The writing style is okay. I had great difficulty in understanding the language which was full of strange vocabulary like "gups" for grownups etc. Maybe this style is spoken in some part of the world but I had not encountered it earlier.

'Ah see Ah've touched a nerve there, Katy. Like Ah said, ye be carefil. Ye can get addicted tae freedom jus like ye can to this pish.'

I felt frustrated and my head ached after reading such language as above. It was too much guessing. I was speculating the whole time that maybe they wanted to say this!

Some parts of the story are very well depicted like the riddle of finding the way to the base of the Islanders  but overall I didn't feel very connected with this book.

I know that writing a book is a most difficult and very demanding task and I appreciate the effort but No One Told No One just didn't prove to be my cup of tea but may appeal to some readers.

I give No One Told No One a 2.5 out of 5.

I received the above book from the author to read and review and I am very thankful to him. The above review is my honest and unbiased opinion and in no way influenced.

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