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#BookReview--> Perfect Crime by Jack Erickson

"It was time to leave. I had committed the perfect crime."

This is what Mrs. Cheryl Harding thinks when she plans and murders her cheating husband, Lyle. She is confident that she has left no loop holes and her alibi is air tight.

But is it possible to commit a Perfect Crime?
Has Cheryl, with all her calculations and meticulous plans, managed such a fete?
Will the police be able to connect her to her husband's murder or will she go free and enjoy her life as per her plans?

A shot story from Jack Erickson. Perfect Crime is the story of a wife's revenge from her husband who is cheating on her with another woman. The story has vivid descriptions of the events and places and is able to create a mental picture of complete chain of events. Although it started a bit slow, the story picked up pace eventually and was able to capture my attention and keep me eager to learn more.

A great plot and very well written. I give Perfect Crime a 4 out of 5 and recommend that you read this short yet very well written story. It has all the makings of a full length novel. Great work from Jack Erickson. His other works are now on my "To-Read" list. :)

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