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#BookReview--> When Shall We Meet Again by Abhimanyu Rajarajan

When Shall We Meet Again? is Abhimanyu Rajarajan's debut book published in November 2013.
Jeevan, the MD of a big IT company is worried about the high attrition rates in his firm.Despite being the highest payer and most considerate of bosses, people are leaving his company and he has no clue why. To get to the root of it and also to motivate his employees, he asks his spiritual guide Swami Aathmananda to take a week's course and be a "change agent" for them.

What follows is Swamiji's experienced handling of Jeevan's company's employees who are all afflicted with one or the other problem. One is a man defeated
in love, another is a divorcee who is still in the shadow of his perfect wife, then there is a lecherous pervert who takes advantage of unsuspecting girls and so on. When Shall We Meet Again? takes us on a philosophical journey with Swamiji who teaches us the real meaning of life and how to live it fully.

"To be born blind is bad but to be born with sight and then become blind is worse. That was Paradise Lost. And here was a man who had lost his Paradise."

When I first started the book, I was afraid that it would prove to be the same typed girl-meets-boy-and-they-fall-in-love book but soon I was proved wrong. The story is handled very differently and I was able to connect with it. The first half of the book is a bit slow but still it manages to keep the reader engrossed. The story picks up pace in the second half with several nail biting moments and tense situations.

The one thing that baffled me was the title of the book. There seems to be no connection between the title and the story. Also there are a few typos and misworded phrases but other than that this is a very enjoyable read and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

The author has delivered an intelligent piece of fiction with well developed characters. I especially liked the characterization and the ease with which Abhimanyu enhances them. Each character is as different from the other as day from night and still they are cohesively portrayed. The philosophical approach in the story is also very interestingly done and does not bore. The solutions to the problems of the employees are novel approaches, totally unconventional and I could not guess these solutions to the problems.

Several beautiful dialogues also made my day in this book and I felt satisfied after reading the story.

"No matter where you are in the world, if you have decided to do something deep from your heart...there is nothing that can stop you from doing it!"

"One who knows not what he knows not is a fool, ignore him.
One who knows what he knows not is a learner, teach him.
One who knows not what he knows is a potential, tap him.
One who knows what he knows is a leader, Follow him."

A very admirable first book from a very promising writer, I give When Shall We Meet Again? a  4 out of 5 and look forward to reading more from him in the future.

I received When Shall We Meet Again? from the author and I am very thankful to him for introducing me to this great book. The above review is my personal and unbiased opinion and in no way influenced.

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